May 18, 2007

Last Two Top Model Interviews Are-A-Coming...

Yes they are! My interviews had to be re-scheduled due to a minor scheduling snafu with Natasha and Jaslene. Wait... did I just use the word "snafu"??? WTH?! Is that even a word? What does it mean? Did I use it in the proper context? Whatever, just bump that. A simple momentary lapse in judgment. I'm sleepy. I won't use it again.

Anyways, check back for those last two interviews. In the meantime and in between time, I'm gonna get a nap. A long one.

Thank ya'll for reading!


  1. it's a word and you used it correctly. don't doubt yourself!

  2. Naps are a priceless commodity!

  3. WHO are those shoes by?? I HEART them!

  4. Natasha told me in her interview that both the shoes and the dresses were by Sass & Bide.

  5. Ooooh, thanks for the info!!! LOVE THEM!! Good lookin lady!!