May 3, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Brittany...

I spoke with Brittany earlier and she talked about how she wasn't at all surprised about her elimination. Check out my interview with her below and find out all you wanted to know about her hair weave fiasco (it might be a little bit more than what you wanted to know...), her explanation for her short-term memory, the real reason she flipped out after the go-see challenge, and her picks for who she would like to see win it all (only 4 girls left!).
Click to check out my interview with Brittany:

Me: Hey Brittany...

Brittany: Hello!

Me: How are you doing?

Brittany: I'm fantastic!

Me: Congratulations on making it to the top 5.

Brittany: Thank you!

Me: Were you surprised when you were eliminated or no?

Brittany: I was not at all surprised when I was eliminated, I knew it was coming!

Me: So you were expecting it?

Brittany: Yes.

Me: You're from Savannah, Georgia right?

Brittany: I am from Savannah, Georgia as of currently.

Me: Ok so you're a Southern girl. Me too, I'm from Louisiana. Let's talk about the "go-see" challenge. You seemed a bit out of sorts and a little out of your element when you were meeting with the designers, why do you think that was?

Brittany: After doing so poorly the previous week, I think I was incredibly nervous and I felt like absolutely everything was riding on that go-see challenge, and it was, obviously, since that's why I got sent home, so I let my nerves get the better of me. I was shy and bashful and so afraid of messing up that I didn't allow myself to be myself, so I overplayed professionalism and underplayed actual personality and it detrimented me.

Me: Wow. That's a very insightful answer! Because that's basically what the judges were saying. Tyra also informed you that because of you "underplaying your personality" that none of the designers wanted to book you, and you seemed a bit stunned when she revealed that to you.
Brittany: I was! I was very shocked, I hadn't realized what I had done, and when I was able to see the show last night I sort of realized what I had done, and it's great to have footage of something like that to be able to look back on it, and just go, "Oh boy!"

Me: You're right, its always good to look back on things and be able to learn from your mistakes. What do you think you could have done any differently in those meetings with the designers?

Brittany: I could have been more myself, but I'm kind of glad I wasn't because a lot of people don't get that learning experience where they can look back on something and have a video tape of it and see their downfall enough where they fall flat on their face, you know? It was just an incredible learning experience to have.

Me: Oh, ok. Well you and Natasha were late in getting back to Pricilla's in time, so both of you were disqualified. Natasha was pretty cool about it, but you kind of lost it. Was that frustration for the same reasons?

Brittany: Umm, it was part of the same reasons, I at that point, was positive that I was going home. I was extremely upset, and I also had Natasha there telling me about, 30 to 1,000 times it felt like that I wasn't allowed to be upset basically. So she was trying to comfort me, but then it kind of got past the point of comfort when I asked to be left alone 3 or 4 times. Then she started telling me about children that were dying of starvation, and I was like, "Well, you know, I feel really badly for those people Natasha and all, but right now I'm upset!" I had every right to be upset!

Me: I had no idea that Natasha was going off on you like that! It's funny how people can't seem to put themselves in your shoes when you're feeling anxious and upset. Sometimes people just can't relate I guess. They try to calm you down, but it doesn't always work...

Brittany: And then it gets past the point of help, where it's really just frustrating.

Me: Right. Well were you still blaming your cab driver for not making it back on time?

Brittany: No, not at all. They didn't show it in eliminations, but Priscilla told me that she heard me outside, and I actually apologized to her for my behavior. I did take responsibility and I did realize that I should have left myself more time. Regardless of whether or not my cab driver showed up where I asked him to meet me, I should have allowed time for a circumstance like that. Because there could have been traffic or there could have been anything else, it was just not planned well by me.

Me: Ok, let's move on to your short-term memory.

Brittany: Oh boy.

Me: Dionne kind of made a point on last night's episode (see what Dionne had to say about Brittany here), did you watch it?

Brittany: I saw last night's episode, I haven't seen most of the other episodes.

Me: Well to kind of recap what she said in a nutshell, Dionne basically said that during the acting challenge with Tia Mowry and Efren Ramirez that you had learned all your lines and you knew them word for word. But then later, in Australia on the CoverGirl challenge you couldn't remember your lines because of your accident that affected your short-term memory.

Brittany: Completely different situations. I had a problem. Long-term memory is different than short-term memory. I got nervous and forgot the lines that we'd been given and tried to rely on the cue cards (during the CoverGirl commercial), and that was my downfall. Short-term memory is something that lasts for 2 to 5 seconds, it's being able to recall something and regurgitate it. It has nothing to do with being able to commit something to your long term memory. Long-term memory, once you sit down and memorize something, it's there. It's held in a case of your brain. With short-term memory, within 2 to 5 seconds, if I look at something and read it, and then look up at the camera, I couldn't remember what I just read. I lose my keys, my purse, my cell phone, at least twice a week! It's just a completely different situation, and at the time it just got so upsetting to me, because at home, I laugh about it, like "Oh I lost this again... and so goes life" but when it detrimented me to the point that I was like, "I'm gonna go home for this" and it was really affecting my life badly 5 years later, it hit me like a brick wall. So it was incredibly challenging and incredibly frustrating to feel that way at that moment.

Well that's understandable how something like that could be very frustrating. Ok, new subject, let's talk hair now. On the makeover episode, they gave you a weave, but right before they took it out, it looked a hot mess! It looked like it was falling out, and...

Brittany: It DID look a mess, it was $27.99 hair! It came out of a plastic package that we all laughed about, but they didn't show us laughing about it! Whitney would crack up and say, "I got $600 hair and they gave you $27.99 hair!" It was the kind of hair that's supposed to be left in for like 3 days only.

Me: How long exactly did you have it in your hair?

Brittany: I had it in for about 2-3 weeks. And when they put it in, they dyed my hair first about 7 or 8 times to try and match the color of the weave, and my scalp had blistered underneath from the dye. So when they braided my hair up to sew the weave in, it ripped the blisters, and my scalp was actually bleeding and scabbing underneath the weave, which is why it was so painful. (Ok.. hold up... I just had to say, typing that was making me nauseous! Everything they did to that child's head was just WRONG.)

Me: Oh. My. Gosh. That could not have been healthy AT ALL for your hair.

Brittany: I know! Chris John, the hairdresser told me when he took it out that it was a good thing that I had such thick hair, because I lost about half of it.

Me: NO! So you had like a missing patch of hair in the middle of your head?

Brittany: I already had bald spots from my accident, so I didn't need to lose anymore hair!

Me: Wow. I had no idea that it had gotten that bad. I know you were glad when they took it out.

Brittany: I was THRILLED when they took it out! It was the happiest day of my life!

Me: Well Brittany I will tell you this, you did manage to take some of the most consistently fabulous pictures out of the whole competition this season.

Brittany: Thank you very much!

Me: I actually interviewed Jael last week and she told me that you were like a "sneak attack" in the photo shoots.

Brittany: (Laughs) Jael is fantastic, she was so much fun! I love the way she phrases things.

Me: At least if you don't take anything else from this whole Top Model experience, at least you know that you have some stunning photos to start your portfolio with.

Brittany: Hopefully they'll go over well in New York!

Me: I don't think you'll have a problem. Ok, with only 4 girls left, which of the four would you like to see win it all?

Brittany: I would like to see either Renee or Natasha win. I think they're both fantastic people, I think Renee has a lot of heart and she is an incredible model and an incredible mother, and I hope she does really well. Natasha is a very positive person and a very bubbly person, though a little confusing at times, but she's also a fantastic model, and I think they will both do very, very well.

Me: What are some of your plans for the future?

Brittany: I'm actually planning on moving to New York over the summer to pursue modeling, so hopefully my go-sees there will go better than my go-sees in Australia! But I've also been told that I have more of a "New York/European" look than a "L.A./Australian" look so that had something to do with it as well.

Me: So you're excited about the move?

Brittany: I am very excited! I can't wait, I hope it goes as well as I'm planning on it going, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Me: I think with your pictures, that you shouldn't have much of a problem at all.

Brittany: Well thank you!

Me: No, thank you so much for talking to me Brittany, and I wish you much success on your move to New York this summer!

Brittany: Thank you very much!


  1. Well, she was my pick when it came to her portfolio work. But man, this girl seems a bit "whiney." And that hair description almost made me lose my breakfast!

    I still respect her picture taking abilities, though; she's definitely got talent. But when she steps away from in front of the camera, she's a little on the "basket case" side. That being said, I'm sure she'll fit right in when she moves to New York!!! And I feel like I'll be seeing more of her in the fashion world. :-)

    I actually thought she was going to win, now, I have NO idea. I would be surprised if Natasha won. I don't know why, b/c she's good. She's just so Anyhoo, moving on...

  2. OH, and I have to give props to ANTM... this photo shoot was definitely an upgrade from most of the others this season. The girls ALL actually looked like models. And the idea or theme was a smart one. Really seemed to teach the girls something they'll actually need in their future modeling careers.

  3. "Detrimented" is not a word.
    She used it at least twice.

  4. Brittnay was absolutely the most beautiful and sexy of all the girls! Those last two pictures were so hot! It was the biggest misstake ever to eliminate her. Trust a Swedish guy. ;)

  5. Brittany,

    You were my pick for the best ANTM. Loved your look and your photos were amazing. I could surmise that you were pushed to your limit emotionally and physically by the time of the go-sees. Hair weave and challenges to memorize, etc...

    I hope you go on to do some amazing work in the modeling field. I would love to see you kick some