May 14, 2007

My Trip to Las Vegas.. Recapped.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day! Well as most of you already know, I was in Las Vegas last week covering the Kitchen and Bath Show as a correspondent for Brizo faucets, and outside of losing half the pics I took with my camera in a freak deleting accident, we had a great time!

The dresses on the left are custom designs by Jason Wu and were used in Brizo's ad campaigns. I found Brizo to be a very stylish, fashion-forward faucet brand and I was really impressed with everything I saw. I also attended the Brizo Goddess of Dreams Ball which was held at Tao Nightclub located inside the Venetian Hotel. It was a great time! At one point during the event, there was snow falling from the ceiling! Fun times. Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go's performed, and there was a fabulous silent auction with the proceeds benefitting DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS). There were lots of goodies to bid on, Pucci scarves, Coach bags, designer dresses, an Alice & Olivia gift certificate that I really, really would have liked to get my hands on... but hey! The point is, someone else got it, and it was all for a good cause!
Las Vegas is really one of my fave cities. Some people don't care for it much (I've heard it referred to as the "armpit of America", lol!) but I love it! I'm really partial to cities with lots of glitz, glamour and flashing lights everywhere (Vegas, New York City, etc.) I'm really a big city country girl! But it was very HOT there. If you've never experienced a "hot breeze", and for some odd reason you'd really like to? Then visit Las Vegas in the spring and summer months. There's nothing like it. Air conditioning becomes very important to you while you're there. But I will tell you this, the hotel we stayed at was fabulous (The Hilton Grand Vacations Club). I'd highly recommend it if you're ever visiting. It's a newly constructed (less than 3 years old) "non-gaming" hotel (no casino) located on the strip. Overall, this trip was a wonderful learning experience, and I look forward to having many more!


  1. WHAT FUN!!!

    All of your Brizo correspondence made me feel like I was there! Great work!

    ~Your fellow HGTV Junkie

  2. What next? Can't wait to hear! (Does that mean you can offer a few redecorating tips for my bathrooms?)

  3. I wonder if you ever got the Alice & Olivia gift certificates, what a great idea for summer. This event looked like one of the better ones, really great for the fight against AIDS too.