May 30, 2007

Video: Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Some are a little more obvious (to me anyways) than others. Check them out for yourself.

Click for more info on plastic surgery.


  1. You're right. Some are more obvious than others. I think some just have good makeup artists. Am I naive - Beyonce'???

  2. Beyonce's nose is the only thing that pops out at me... The rhinoplasty seems to be the most popular surgery of all the pictures shown.

    I remember hearing Sharon Osbourne talk about her plastic surgery. She's actually quite open about it, and seems pretty grateful for it... it's just funny to hear her talk and laugh about it.

    Also, a lot of the "before" pictures are quite old compared to the current ones. I feel like soem of the differences are just from aging... Still though, there has been a lot of money spent on surgery here.

  3. Ah, celebrity plasticworks! I loved that.