May 29, 2007

When Big Crazy Breasts Happen to Formal Dresses..

Ok, so Tori Spelling's dress isn't all that formal, but it's still the SAME THING. Am I the only one who doesn't think that this is a good look? When otherwise tiny but still very top-heavy girls like these attempt to squeeze themselves into ensembles with minimal coverage for their "twins", it just screams "tacky" to me. Boo!

Not cute.



    The total opposite of CLASS.

  2. Yeah, unless they're going to a party at the Playboy Mansion, it's vulgar. Wait... yeah, even the Playboy Mansion is vulgar.

  3. I'm not a psychologist,but women who feel the need to expose their breasts like this speaks to some other internal issues - and okay - lack of class.

  4. oh, stop hating on women who have bigger breast then you do, commentators.

  5. ^^^lol...Big or small... it's still TACKY.

  6. Yeah, it looks a little over the top. Pun intended. hehe! BUT, my little average sized chi-chi's would fit just right in Jenny's dress. LOVE THAT FRIGGIN DRESS! I've been drooling for days now over it!

  7. Ouch, Chanel...I am a (natural) DD girl and I wear a 6...they don't really make formal wear in my size that will satisfy what u would consider not tacky. Are we supposed to be confined to victorian high-necks and librarian cleavage cuts just because designers could give 2 shits about big-breasted girls! Ironic since many celebrities have boob implants...just the same, some of us can't help but have cleavage in EVERYTHING!

  8. @anon-
    I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone who is naturally healthy up top... I guess I just take issue with a lot of these young, thin female celebrities, whether they are naturally healthy or surgically enhanced that feel the need to "showboat" their assets for whatever reason. And I don't think anyone should be confined to victorian high necks, there's just plenty classier ways, IMO, to show off your "girls".

  9. words like: scary, tacky, trashy, str8-up ugly, looks a HOT MESS may come to mind lolz. if ur gonna go formal, try 2 refrain from showin the whole world your breast. and if u choose to do so, do it in a CLASSY way.

  10. The girls just want to have their fun but Jessica's own look like they want OUT!

  11. I am a size 8 34 DD cup and I will tell you it doesn't matter what I wear my girls will be out there. It's often very hard for me to find tops and dresses that fit, especially during the summer.Chanel, your comments were offensive. You discussed classier ways to show your breast, how? Are you saying that only women with small chest can wear low cut necklines? Women with small chest
    are still "showboating" their chest even if they don't have
    much.Keep in mind that a lot of clothes are not made for women with a bigger bust. According to you I need avoid any plunging neckline because I have a big chest. What can I wear then?
    I do not deliberately try to show my breast but I won't hide them either. Buying a dress I don't like because some people feel I need to be covered is ridiculous.I am proud of my body and as long as I am not showing any nipple or anything else people will just have to deal with it. AND yes, I do sometimes show off my breast, they are a great asset. However,so do women with great legs when they wear mini dresses, shorts, and skirts. Are they "showboating" to you? Are they tacky and vulgar? To call someone tacky and
    accuse them of "showboating" because
    they want to wear lowcut attire is very narrow minded.
    Especially, when women all over the country wear clothes to highligh their best asset everyday. Tori Spelling's chest was covered, did you see any nipple? Was she busting out at the sides? I always wear a bra and dress appropriately for the occasion, I can't do more than that. Jenny Mccarthy looked beautiful in that dress. Her breast are covered except for in the middle, which was intentional,
    because that is the way the dress is cut. It would be "Showboating" any woman period.
    Many stars wear dresses that show their cleavage, its the norm not the exception. Watch the red carpet at the oscars closely next year.
    Jessica Simpsons is falling out of the sides in her dress. I agree with you on that one. She did need to get a larger size. Regardless, you seem to overlook that for all three of these women the only you see on them is cleavage. Tori's dress covers her knees. Jenny and Jessica's dress goal the the way to the ground. I guess it's okay to show off everything else, just not cleavage.
    One last thing for SWB who said women who show cleavage have internal issues. That is an ignorant statement and it makes me wonder what your internal issues are.
    I have a B.S. degree in cmmunications minored in business,
    speak three languages, have a healthy relationship with my parents, enjoy a busy social life,
    have a wonderful boyfriend,
    work for a growing advertising firm, volunteer at a womans shelter two times every month, run
    a marathon every year to raise
    money for children with AIDS, have never been in a abusive relationship, have plenty of self confidence, don't need anyone to tell me I'm pretty or fantastic, strong enough that I don't feel the need to put any one down for what they look like or wear, and smart enough not to judge any book by its cover. Now that's classy.

  12. @anonymous-
    And I'll say this once more, my comments were not meant to offend ANYONE. I was merely stating my opinion. And after reading your comments, I can certainly respect what you had to say, but that does not in any way change my opinion on this particular look. It just doesn't. And I am fully aware that women all over the world play up certain assets when they get dressed, and they are fully within their rights to do so, I do it too! But I doubt that my saying that I don't like a particular look or others saying that they don't like a particular look will stop anyone from dressing the way they want. It's an opinion! But again, if my comments rubbed you wrong, then my sincerest apologies to you. This is a style site and an open forum where people come and offer up their opinions on fashion and trends. It's unfortunate when people start taking what is opined on this site as a personal affront, that just goes beyond what the sites purpose is in the first place, and that is to entertain, inform and be an open forum to discuss and comment on matters of style. Having a difference of opinion is what makes us unique, and I hope that you will continue to be a Hip Candy reader, but if not, thank you very much for visiting.

  13. Ok's not our fault we were born with Double D's and a small waist.

  14. I'm a big breasted woman myself and mind you I am not that conservative but I have to agree the dresses don't look so well on these very lovely ladies, whom all have beautiful figures. I don't believe the dresses do any justice for them. I think that they should have done more of a backless dress that would look so much more gorgeous and sexy on them, then letting their boobs spill out all over (even though they look pretty snugged to me) or even let them be the main focus of their dresses then their beautiful faces and their whole figure. A little cleavage is nice but for this you might as well not walk around with a top. If I were them I would have been afraid that a boob might fall out!!! YIKES!!

  15. Jessica looks incredible. If I had her body I'd wear a g-string, pasties, and boots all winter. I think there's some jealousy going on here.

    As for the first two images of Tori and I can't speak so highly. -swp

  16. Nothing wrong with big breasts..but seriously, that's not classy and the least bit sexy...lil' sleazy for a formal dress!

  17. I agree. Showing off way too much cleaveage to the point where all sides of your boobs are popping out is tacky. Some women dont think they look bad but honestly it does look bad. I dont care if you have high self esteem it looks bad. And this has NOTHING to do with low self esteem or jealousy. Its fine to show some cleaveage but not all exaggerated to the point where your dress is just covering your nipples. If you want to be doing that then yeah go to a playboy party or a strip club or a plain club. Formal wear is not meant to show off too much. I have big breasts, have a small waist and do show cleaveage but I hate it when the outsides of my breast where my arms are, pop out when I try to wear a spaghetti strap dress/blouse or dresses like Jessica Simpson is wearing. It looks tacky. Now as for girls with small boobs who try to show off alot of cleaveage, it doesnt look wrong on them and you know why? cause they dont look like huge milking cows. Sorry if this sounds mean but seriously it looks wrong on big breasted women. Out of these 3 pictures you have posted here Jessica Simpson looks tacky. Her boobs are popping out all over the place. Shes got a great body but that dress just looks wrong. Torry Spelling and the other girl look fine to me. It doesnt look bad cause theyre not showing alot. Its just the mid section. Nothing wrong with showing a little like these two women.