June 2, 2007

2007 Spring/Summer Style Trends: La Redoute

My grandmother literally gets every clothing catalogue known to man in the mail and she usually passes the ones that don't interest her any to me. One of the better ones being the La Redoute catalogue. I can usually find some really cute pieces in there (it's French fashion designer clothes at great prices.. yay!) but I don't usually see anything like what they've showcased in their spring/summer runway show below... while I was watching it, I found that there were too many cute pieces to try and point out for you. So when you have a free minute, check it out for yourself!


  1. Okay, I viewed the entire fashion show. I would purchase some of the blouses and a a couple of dresses. What about some catalogues that cater to more full figured when 2 digit sizes?

  2. I love this website! Cool finds on the cheap. I've gotten silk dresses for under $50.

    SWB - check out their website because they do offer a range of sizes. Another good site is Alight.com - they offer sizes starting at 14 and the prices are pretty reasonable. Happy shopping!

    Chanel - I just love your blog! Can't wait for Hip Couture!

  3. Has anyone else tried La Redoute's LR TXT program? I get their best offer every month in a text message right to my phone. Coupon code is in the message, it's really convenient! I found it right on their homepage, bottom / middle. Check it out!