June 11, 2007

Cute, Not Cute? Steve Madden Edition

Steve Madden "Phergie" Heels. The website is describing them as "Retro Glam". I recently saw these in my Lucky Magazine and couldn't decide if they were cute or not for myself. So what do you think? Cute or not cute?

Steve Madden "Leopard". The website wants you to go for exotic, but stay sweet with these ballet flats. I love 'em! They're really cute with skinny jeans, or anything in solid black, white, brown, tan, or even red! I have a similar pair that I purchased from here. But what do you think? Cute or not cute?

Steve Madden "Mystery" Wedge Sneaks. The website suggests you "elevate" yourself with these updated sneakers. Cute or not cute?


  1. The retro shoes are cute. I'd prefer them without the ankle strap, but I'm sure other people love them.

    Leopard ballet flats: cute, of course!

    Sneaks are HIDEOUS!

  2. Not cute on all of them!!

    PLUS, I could find those Leopard shoes cheaper at Burlington Coat Factory!!!!

  3. One and two kinda cute...three not cute.

  4. Retro Glam and leopard are so cute, but that sneaker is so not!

  5. love the first two. the last pair is scary, though i've seen a ton of sneaker wedges in magazines lately. but remember, kids: just because it's in a glossy doesn't make it right!

  6. Thats the thing about Steve Madden shoes, most of them look like cheap knockoffs of other brands. (Which is mostly what they are) Some of them you can get away with, but I dont think any of these are cute.