June 13, 2007

Hip Candy Is Almost A Year Old!

Did you guys know that Hip Candy has been on the blog scene for almost a year! Hip Candy will be A YEAR OLD next week! Yay! So to celebrate this blogging milestone, we're gonna take a little trip down memory lane... all week.. a quick moment to focus, if you will, on the good times that we've all had right here on this very page.

And we've had some fun times haven't we? Wow. Great times... ok, let me stop before I get all emotional! Well if we're gonna go on a journey, we may as well start at the beginning. So check out a few of Hip Candy's "beginnings" below! More to come!

Very 1st Hip Candy Post

1st Post that's ALL ABOUT ME

Very 1st Style Verdict

2nd Post that's ALL ABOUT ME

Very 1st Cute, Not Cute

Very 1st Fashion No No


  1. Happy Birthday Hip Candy!
    I believe the best is yet to come!

  2. YAYYY!!!!

    How about a HipCandy PARTY!!!


  3. Thanx ellen, sarah b. and swb!

    I appreciate it!

  4. Congrats, Chanel. A year is a big milestone. Hey, you started your blog on my wedding anniversary. So, that's two great events in history that happened on 6/20!
    -- Mike Driehorst

  5. Hey Mike! And thanks...

    Happy Anniversary to you on Wednesday!