June 26, 2007

Second Day of Summer Fashion Show: A Recap

Even though I had to go into full "stealth mode" to finish 4 simple (but cute!) summer looks particularly for this fashion show (in a week's time, no less..), I'm glad I did it. I was very pleased with my showing of 4 fun, flirty, girly summer looks for Hip Couture (that's my strapless, belted babydoll top, with pockets! on the left...). I thought my models did great, even though I didn't meet them and get them fitted until the night before and even hours before the show! So I have to say a great big, THANK YOU, to Brandy (pictured), Patty, Amber and Ryan for making my top and dresses look fun and fabulous! I ended up doing 2 mini dresses with pockets (one of which could double as a beach coverup), the babydoll top (pictured) and one more mini halter dress. Other designers that showed were Jill Mulkey Design, Men's Avatar, Storyville, and Time Warp Boutique (a local vintage store) with the whole event put on by Decor Magazine. So as soon as I get more pics from the show, I'll get them up and posted for you to see!

Hip Couture will be available before you know it!

Stay tuned!


  1. Looking good lady! I'm loving that green tube top! CONGRATS!


    Wish I could have been there!!! :-(

    QUESTION: How difficult is it to add pockets to a cotton sun dress? I have one that I kept reaching down my side to put my hand in my pockets, and nothing was there! I thought of HipCandy right at that moment!!! Lol...

  3. I had so much fun in your cloths!!! Thank you! Brandy~