June 22, 2007

Second Day of Summer...

Summer is here! But if you live here in Louisiana like me, then you know it felt like summer back in February, lol! Well I just wanted to take this opportunity to make the Hip Candy readers privy to a fashion event that I'm involved in that's happening tonight (click the flyers for details). I'll be sending a few things down the runway at the event and my pieces will mostly be focusing on this trend, and this one. I've been sewing all week to get ready for it, and sewing is not always my deal. I pretty much have a "love/hate" relationship with sewing. Not much has changed since school. I'd love to just sketch out what I want and then hand it over to my "people" to finish for me. See? That's just it. I need more people. I think I'll work on that. But back to the event, if you're in town and you aren't doing anything tonight, and you have an extra $25 laying around (part of the proceeds goes towards charity) then come check things out! Having an eager audience after sewing all week will make it all seem worth it! Hope to see you guys there!

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