June 1, 2007

Who Had The LOOK on LOCK?

America & Eva in Nanette Lepore.

Miss Universe Riyo Mori & Oprah in Gucci.

Nicole & Halle in Madison Marcus.

Jessica & Maria in Herve Leger.



  1. Yay! These posts are fun!


    1. America, hands down. Eva, not surprisingly, is a disappointment...And something's looking weird with her face. She always looks great on the show, but in real life she falls flat. This style of dress was made for a woman with CURVES.

    2. I pick Oprah... She just carries the dress better IMO.

    3. Halle - WAY too short on Nicole.

    4. First, the dress is hideouos. I don't like Jessica's hair, it looks SO artificial... But, I guess I'll give her the win... I don't know, she's "workin' it" more.

  2. 1. america
    2. oprah
    3. nicole
    4. green

  3. lol @ "green"!

    But I agree. Maria in the green Herve Leger works it better IMO. I don't know what's going on with Jessica and her "hips" in that dress. Something is off.

  4. America, Oprah, Halle and Maria

  5. 1. America all the way
    2. All I have to say is O No.
    3. I luv the look on Halle BUT Nicole has the petite physique required for a dress like this.
    4.I adore the look on Jess but on Herve it looks more fashiony and on Jess it screams Va va voom. SO I'm undecided.

  6. i can't even believe this is even a question...eva won tht hands down. and oprah, ok she's a great person and everything, butb she's old, and tht dress made her LOOK old too. so i says the "miss universe girl" got tht one.