June 12, 2007

Who Had The LOOK On LOCK?

Shondrella Avery & Beyonce in H&M. Cute dress too, by the way. Go H&M!

Svetlana Metkina & Sienna Miller in Marchesa.

Kate Walsh & Marcia Cross in Thread Social. I'm loving this little yellow number.

Petra Nemcova & Michelle Rodriguez in Dolce & Gabbana.

Lindsay Lohan & Lily Allen in CHANEL.



  1. WOW.... ummm, ok, Can I have every single last one of those dresses please?! These women are DOIN' IT!.

    Ok, to the subject at hand:

    1. H&M Ok wow. Beyonce blew that look out of the water! Shondrella's cute, but Beyonce's is just REALLY on point.

    2. Marchesa It's a tie... way cute dress!

    3. Thread Social Tie!

    4. D&G Petra worked it!

    5. Chanel Ummm Lily Allen- and not only b/c I don't like Lohan. Lily looks much cuter... and cleaner. :-)

  2. i love the thread social dress. i'm so into yellow this season. i found a similar dress at bluefly, the puffed up sleeves add a fun and feminine edge!

  3. Beyonce', Miller, Walsh, Rodriquez, Lohan

  4. Hey there... this is my first time visiting Hip Candy and it definitely won't be the last. Loves the blog, good job! And I would have to say that Beyonce, Sienna, Kate, Petra, and Lindsay have the Look on Lock!!

  5. Girl i just realized the names we've given our fashion comparisons are sort of similar. Mine's which look is on lock? I guess great minds think alike, huh?