July 25, 2007

Buy Rihanna's Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Ay, Ay, Ay.

In a not that subtle marketing ploy for Rihanna's song (not that the song, "UMBRELLA" which gets eleventy thousand plays per day already, even needs more exposure..) you can now purchase Rihanna's 2 color satin stick umbrella for yourself!

Rihanna 2 Color Satin Stick Umbrella
This umbrella was specially designed for Rihanna and showcased during her 2007 MTV Movie Awards performance of her hit song "UMBRELLA". This two color satin umbrella features automatic open, satin fabric cover and brushed silver accents. This umbrella is available in both black satin and silver satin fabric covers with a bright fushia fabric inner lining. The wooden crook handle is black with silver accents. This umbrella is sure to get you noticed. Imported. LIMITED QUANTITY!

See and buy Rihanna's 2 Color Satin Stick Umbrella.

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