July 17, 2007

Cute Gap Shirtdresses

Ok GAP. I see you. Finally doing something cute and fresh. Hopefully this means ya'll are coming out of ya'll's seemingly never-ending style slump, because I'm feeling this look right here. Super basic but still stylish. Nice. How about you guys? Do you like this look? Would you wear it?

White Solid Ruffled Shirt Dress $69.50
Black Solid French Cuff Shirt Dress $69.50

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  1. What a great look! I was just admiring a dress like this in Dillard's by Antonio Melani I think... Anyhoo, I love these dresses.

  2. I like the ruffled white dress. Keep it up, Gap!

  3. Very cute, I love them. I think it is probably about the only thing in Gap that I like.

  4. I just ordered the black one online a couple of days ago...great post!

  5. I must just be completely out of step, because I never shopped at the Gap when they were supposedly hip but I shop there all the time now. I thought all of the CFDA stuff earlier this year was cute, well-made, nice cotton--and it ended up on sale for $19.99 recently, so certainly didn't sell out. So much of their stuff remains basic and classic and not immediately identifiable as coming from the Gap--isn't that what style is about?