July 13, 2007

Do You Go Commando?

I do! Sometimes. What?! It's summertime, so it's HOT! That, and I try to avoid panty lines whenever and however I can. So yes, occasionally I go "au naturale" under my clothes. COMPLETELY au naturale. But that's me. I'm renegade. A risk taker. A rebel, if you will. And I can handle myself in public (sans undies) much better than most of young Hollywood. Which is why I was too excited to discover Commandos- it's soft cotton comfort without the panties! So I just had to let ya'll know about it too. And their website is too funny the way they casually toss around the words "coochie", and "vagina". Classy! See? Leave it to Hip Candy to link you up with the most sophisticated shopping sites on the web. I know most of you are probably "side-eyeing" this post real hard right about now. And yes, I realize that I recently blogged about ditching your bras for pasties, but try to keep an open mind here too, ok? Now, I haven't actually tried Commandos yet, so I can't really give you my first hand experience, but you can be sure that I'm gonna try 'em! What are Commandos you ask? Commandos are a uniquely shaped disposable patch of cotton that safely sticks in the curved seam of your jeans or pants so you can go underwear free in cotton comfort and protection. And you can score a pack of 8 for about $16. So when you have a minute, check 'em out for yourself!

Go Commando!


  1. Ok, I am going to timidly admit that I, too, am a member of the Commando Club. But like you said, only when I know that I know it can be pulled off without notice or distraction. And it's for the same reasons people ditch the bra: total, utter comfort!

    Wow, this is SO NOT something I'd ever thought I'd be sharing on the world wide web... but, I feel better knowing I'm not alone!

    I'm DEFINITELY going to have to check these out-- thanks for the dish!

  2. I go commando as much as possible, lol. Hmmm...Commandos, I guess they could come in handy with denim. Hmmm...

  3. Braless swagger and now pantyless options. Just call me free flippin fanny then. Loves it!

  4. I love commandos!! I wear them all the time. They are waaay more comfortable than panties or thongs and way more comfortable than going completely commando. The insides of some pants are just not comfortable. I buy them on the website www.gocommandos.com

  5. Well... if we're talking about it then I must let the cat out of the bag, or panties if you will, myself. I've been using COMMANDOS for about a year now and they R.O.C.K. ROCK! While I hate panty lines, I where them
    for health reasons. If you have these issues then you know what I'm talking about. This is a big YES girls, look for them on line and check them out!