July 11, 2007

Fun & Fabulous Mid-Week Links!

Find out where all the clean toilets are in your city! [MizPee]

In the New York Area? Don't miss a free fashion swap meet going down this Sunday, July 15 at Madame X on W. Houston in NYC (I've been to Madame X! Cool place..) Clothes swapping is fast becoming the new trend. Read more about this new trend here.

Walk it Out! Bob Fosse style, ya heard? Ya'll ain't ready. [Fun VIDEO-College Humour]

Sweat stains?! NO MORE! [Amazon.com]

Shoe steals! 12 name brand pairs for under $30! [Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle]

Chic summer essentials, $55 and under! [55 Secret Street]

Dave Chappelle & John Mayer. Funniest. Skit. Ever. (NSFW-some language) [Youtube]

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  1. cute blog...would you like to swap links?