July 26, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by two fab fashion bloggers: Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle and Shopalicious. The rules for this game of tag are that each player starts with 7 random facts/ habits about him or herself. Then the people who are tagged need to then report this fact on their blog along with their 7 things, along with these rules. They then tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog. Got it? Ok, here goes:

1. My current indulgences are a) Dove rich dark chocolates with chocolate creme accompanied with a glass of red, b) the cheese danish or the banana loaf with a non-fat latte from Starbucks, and c) shelled pistachio nuts with a cup of ice.
2. When I travel, I've got the lightweight packing thing down to a science. I hardly ever check my bag. It's always small enough to carry on. Plus the airlines are getting notorious for losing all your gear, and that's so not cool with me.
3. I have just about every type of exercise DVD imaginable. From low-impact, to high, to weight-training, to pilates, to yoga, to dance, to jumping rope to interval training. I pop them in on occasion when I feel the urge, but the key is consistency.
4. My hair is the longest its been in a good long while. It's long enough to frighten me at times. It's a new sensation that's taking some getting used to. I'll feel it on my back on occasion and swat at it (not realizing it's only my hair..) because it feels like something's crawling on me back there.
5. I love designer clothing, but I also think that comfy sweats and warm socks are a GIFT from GOD.
6. I am a prescription eyeglass and contact lens wearer.
7. I think the person who invented audiobooks is a friggin' genius. I like to read, but I'd much rather listen to a long book and complete it in a couple days time, and then listen to it again if I'm so inclined.
So there you have it! So now for my tags. Hmm... I think I'll tag Daddy Likey, Fashion Nette-Work, Lavish Magazine, Hue Interiors, Pink Rock Candy, Thick Misses, and What I Wore Today. Yay!


  1. I love this post... It's GREAT to hear about the little things that make people the individuals they are!

    And, I'mma need you to post a lesson on light packing... b/c I struggle with that. I think it's my fear of forgetting something, or getting too far from home and wishing I had remembered to pack that one thing... (it happens to me all too often). I always overcompensate "just in case." But I envy the light packer! It's an art!

  2. Thanks for tagging me ( I think that was the first time I have ever said that)! After a bit of procrastination I finally settle on these 7 facts!

  3. It's been a pleasure playing "tag" with you Chanel!

    Stiletto Jungle

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