July 9, 2007

MC Lyte On The Essence Fest & BET Awards...

The Essence Music Festival came back home to New Orleans this year after re-locating to Houston last year because of Katrina. I didn't go this year... as a matter of fact, the last time I went was just before Katrina when Gerald Levert was one of the acts on the main stage. And wow. Were we shocked when he took the stage. Women were literally losing their minds screaming for him! It was truly something to watch. I had never seen anything like it. Frankly, I didn't realize at the time that Gerald even had it like that to be honest. He was a true performer. But I hear Essence 2007 was great too, and people couldn't have been happier that it was back in New Orleans this year. MC Lyte, who performed in one of the Essence Super Lounges speaks on it below.

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