July 27, 2007

Who Had The LOOK On LOCK?

Cassie and Fanatasia in Diane Von Furstenburg.

Vanessa and Minnie in Catherine Malandrino.

Vivica and Jenny in Naeem Khan.


  1. I'm going to have to go with Fantasia for the DVF dress (she fills out the top better and I like the shorter length even though she could have gotten it hemmed better than that) Something about Minnie's face is scaring me so I'm going with Vanessa by default (she doesn't look bad, just wish she had a better shoe, and I don't like Minnie's bag) And I actually hated that Naeem Khan dress when I saw Vivica in it, but it looks kind of nice on Jenny

  2. Cassie (it makes Fannie look fat)
    Vanessa (Minnie looks homely and lost)
    Jenny - (Vivica looks like a fake over stuffed Black Barbie doll)

  3. Cassie - I saw Fantasia in that dress on GMA. It looked better from a distance...Not a good hem job for Fantasia.



  4. i love the "look on lock" posts... that said,
    1. Assie
    2. Tie
    3. Jenny
    ... as the random lady in the ANTM finale said regarding glitzy numbers:
    loose = chic
    skin tight = hooker

  5. Cassie, Vanessa, Jenny - by default though, cuz I hate the dress...

  6. Cassie. The dress on Fantasia just shows off the diameter difference between her thighs and her calves ... ick. If it was a touch longer (i.e. left as it should have been) and that cut out in front did not show as much cleavage, Fantasia would win. I like the starkness better with her coloring.

    Vanessa with Minnie's shoes.

    Jenny? Maybe it's the angle of the photograph, but Vivica almost looks indecently exposed in the dress. Even though Jenny is flashing as much thigh, it looks a bit more "lady like" on Jenny. I like Jenny's shoes better, too.

  7. Fantasia makes that dress look cheap.I originally saw her performance in that dress and thought it looked like something from It's Fashion.


  8. Everyone but Vivica got the look on lock.

  9. Cassie, Vanessa (with Minnie's shoes), and Jenny.

    *Cosign with Anon @ 11:41 re: Vivica*

  10. Wow, these are so obvious. I like this Who Had the Look on Lock section of your blog. Keep up the great work!