September 2, 2007

New York Street Style: End of Summer Looks

I love street style! There's something so inspirational about seeing real style individuality in action. Fashion Week begins this Wednesday in New York for Spring '08, and I don't know which one I'm more excited to see, the actual shows or the street fashion at and around the tents! I'm excited!

I like this look. partly because I like simple white tank tees. A LOT. And in the heat of the summer? White tank tees are super versatile! Throw one on with jeans, throw one on with a flowy skirt, throw one on with shorts, throw one on as a layering piece under other tees, I could really keep going, but I'll stop right there. Her aviator sunglasses, throwback "Salt 'N Pepa" earrings, skinny jeans, camel bag and studded heels complete this look.

How cute is this dress and rainboots together! I love that she's wearing the rainboots and it doesn't even look like it's about to rain, lol! Chick is just wearing her rainboots because she feels like it. I own a pair of plaid rainboots myself that I wear religiously whenever it rains, usually with jeans. Funny, I would have never paired them with a little cutesy dress like this, but I'm probably gonna try it now! It's cute. The green rainboots, the red bag, the black mini trapeze dress.. and is that the new blueberry-pomegranate flavored Vitamin Water she's holding? I haven't had a chance to try that one yet. The Formula 50 is one of my fave flavors right now.

I cannot tell you how much I'm loving these free-flowing trapeze dresses! Nina Garcia, ELLE Magazine's fashion director and Project Runway judge said that the empire waisted baby doll's along with the myriad of trapeze and tent dresses that emerged last fall and then spilled over into spring/summer made it the perfect season to be pregnant. Or the perfect season to slack up on working out. Ok, Nina didn't say that 2nd part. That's why I like the trend. But of course, the skinniest of skinnies rock these dresses too. I like this look on her, and she could totally wear the dress without the jeans (although she may need a little more lining for daytime wear, as it is a bit sheer..) Overall, I think this is a cool, funky look.

This look right here is probably my favorite. This dress is cute and carefree! And it's another neat and trendy trapeze dress! Dresses are the best because they're basically an all-in-one outfit in one simple piece! There's no top to match with a bottom. A casual dress is a ONE PIECE OUTFIT. Throw it on with a pair of shoes, grab your purse and you're out the door! So easy.

So what are ya'll's thoughts on these four NYC street looks?
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Have a Great Labor Day!


  1. I love ALL of them =)
    The first look is urban chic in my opinion. It's got a funky feel that I really like. The second one is so cute. The mixing of colors really works well with that dress. I like the third one also, but I agree with you that it's a bit sheer. I'm glad someone else likes this look. I tried one of my dresses with pants once and a cute pair of flats, and some people thought I was crazy. They don't know what they're talking about =P
    And the last is adorable. It's au naturale, nice and simple.
    Happy Labor Day to you too =)

  2. I miss my home! (Now living in the sticks of NC)

  3. Love all of these but especially #1!

  4. I love the first look and last look (minus the handbag.)

  5. I love the rainboots look. It's so different yet actually doesn't look bad.

  6. All of them work for me. Summer is still in full swing where I am. Looking good and staying "cool" is the goal.