September 6, 2007

Venexiana.. More To Come.

The Venexiana show was great! Kati Stern had a real throwback, vintage, "old Hollywood", glamourous type show... her spring looks were very reminiscent of classic black and white movies from back in the day. I love old black and white movies... especially Hitchcock thrillers. And anything with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford starring. But wow ya'll. I am tired. Traveling can definitely take a toll on your stamina, but no worries. I'll post the rest of the pics that my photographer took (a.k.a. my husband, lol!) tomorrow. And a huge, big shout out to him! Ron (my husband) is really being a trooper. Isn't that a great pic he took?! He has photo/media riser access at a few of the shows.. he has more serious access to the shows than I do! I think I'm gonna go ahead and add him to the Hip Candy photography staff. Yeah. I'll let him know that tomorrow.

More Fashion Week pics to come!

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