October 23, 2007

Designer Fug: Dior Shoes

On the right, the Christian Dior Odyssey Pump with Fish Scales, $890.
On the left, weird red ball stiletto shoe by Christian Dior.


  1. I would not be caught dead in those shoes. They look HORRIBLE.

  2. No No No.Not Me! Never!Ever, Ever Ever!

    The Bee is out!

  3. The Dior shoes are for a museum somewhere - or just to torture models feet on the runway, I cannot fathom anyone in the real world wearing them.

  4. Hmmm The ones on the right almost qualify as "fish feet" but not quite enough for me.

  5. The Dior Red Ball shoes are (I would have thought) a rather obvious nod to castration!

    There has been and is much footage on the Net and in the media (such as the UK Sunday Times Style Magazine) alluding to the destructive and lethal qualities of the stiletto heeled shoe and high heeled shoes in general. As a male the destructive and castrating qualities of women's footwear never ceases to impress and amuse me; I am surprised that it does not also occur to you ladies, - it certainly does so to my wife and her friends!

    Surely you can see more of a message in these shoes than simply, "they would hurt my poor feet"!

    Best regards,


  6. Both those pairs are hideous to me! I look style but those are over the top!

  7. you people make me sick.
    i dont know about the pair on the right but the ones on the left were made by john galliano and they are works of art.

  8. I know you people are ridiculous, the red bubble shoes are amazing! They have them in bright pink as well and they are even better. I love love love love them. Its too bad you cant appreciate real beauty.