October 17, 2007

More Designer Boots From Our Friend Marc...

This is the Tall Slouchy boot by Marc Jacobs ($790). Surprisingly, I wasn't as turned off by this pair of boots as I was by the last pair of Marc Jacobs boots I posted. They're not the most traditionally stylish pair of boots, but Marc is not the most traditionally stylish designer. And with all the shine he's getting on Hip Candy, I'm starting to feel like he should be breaking me off a little something for my yapping on and on non-stop about his shoe designs... So what are ya'll's thoughts on these?


  1. I don't like the style of the boot. You have to have a major arch (not for flat footed folk like me). Pluse my calves are to big for the draw string thangy.

    Boot is not for everyone for sure. And for you being broke off a little something something. Why not.

  2. I'm just the opposite of anonymous #1...high arch, small calves...I actually like it and think it works for me.

    I agree. Marc needs to break you off.


  3. These boots are made for walking!

    Your choices are fab, dear. You should stop by Punky Penny'z fashion corner when you have a chance. Stunning pics from LA Fashion Week are going up soon!

    Word up: www.punkypenny.com.

  4. Me likey! Color and style. Top of the boot is distinctive.

  5. these are hot! i could so picture Alicia Keys in these

  6. I like the boots quite frankly.