November 6, 2007

Target To Hold "Model-Less" Fashion Show In NYC

On Tuesday November 6 (TODAY!) and Wednesday November 7, Target will hold its first "model-less" fashion show in Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal (E. 42nd Street between Park & Lexington Ave. in New York). The shows will be open to the public and will run continuously for the duration. Sure wish I could see it! Don't miss it if you're in town!

Target has long been the Thomas Jefferson of fashion—quite the pioneer of democracy. The megastore that brought Proenza Schouler to the people is expanding its reach this week with the first “model-less” fashion show (that will, of course, be open to the public). New York's Grand Central Terminal will serve as the backdrop to a virtual runway presentation, using high-def holograms to showcase clothes and accessories from Isaac Mizrahi, Keanan Duffty, Erin Fetherston, and more . “It's like those children's stories when the toys come to life when nobody is looking!” said Fetherston, whose Target collection hits stores on November 18. “I love the idea that the clothes have their own life.” Mizrahi, who was one of the first brave souls to embrace cheap-chic, said he isn't worried about the clothes losing their liveliness without models to occupy them—quite the opposite, in fact. “If you take the model out of the clothes, it allows a woman to become part of the equation, to picture herself in it instead,” he said. “It actually makes the audience really precious.” It also gives every guest a front row seat.

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