December 18, 2007

Artist Spotlight: Designs By Tuesdai...

Tuesdai Noelle is an emerging designer and artist who has a skill for creating decorative denim with her artistic rhinestone collages. With a unique twist on her design style, Tuesdai embellishes your used jeans to give them a completely hip, new, fun look! Tuesdai Noelle is definitely an artist to watch:

Tuesdai's Story...
In 2005, the vision of young collage artist and denim designer Tuesdai Noelle, of Designs by Tuesdai, emerged from urban hardship in the city of Detroit. Having been homeless and unemployed 18 months earlier, this urban princess delved into her creativity. In the kitchen, seated at an old wooden table, inspiration met opportunity and Tuesdai a true "diamond in the rough" began shining brighter than ever before. With determination and rhinestone in hand her unique handcrafted designs were drawn on pre-washed recycled jeans. In that moment, Designs by Tuesdai became more than a collection of decorative denim. It's an outreach for the "everyday" girl.

Tuesdai wanted to give the "everyday" girl an opportunity by allowing her to mail in used jeans and have them re-designed by Tuesdai--and that's precisely what she did! She has certainly had her share of challenges and setbacks, while climbing the fashion industry ladder, yet she continues to make great strides. Truly a remarkable lady, a rising star in fashion, and a designer for the "everyday" girl, Tuesdai Noelle.

Check out more of Tuesdai Noelle and Tuesdai Jeans here!


  1. wow that is so crazy i see her comments on kanye west's blog EVERY DAY. lol.

    small e-world. lol.

    and she is from detroit. do that do!