December 11, 2007

Holiday Travel Tips..

Below are a few good tips to keep in mind if you're traveling for the Holidays. The one about not traveling with wrapped gifts because (airport) security may have to open them and go through them to check them out was a really good one. What to do then? Ship your gifts ahead of time! More tips below...

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  1. Ugh, how I long for the days when air travel seemed to be a glamorous activity. I can still remember dressing up for a flight to Miami when I was a child--my mother dressed me in a salmon-colored linen dress with gold sandals and a pale satin coat. How I loved that outfit!

    As my fashion guru, Anne Fogarty writes in her 1959 classic, Wife Dressing, "Magical places lose their magic if you know you're not dressed as well as you might be."