March 30, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Diana

I spoke with Diana earlier and surprisingly, she was a talker. "Top Model" didn't really show her "engaged" much. The show made her seem very quiet, but she wasn't in her interview, and it was nice... makes my job a lot easier. So check out my interview with her below and find out how she felt being in the house with a bunch of "skinnies" (my word, not hers), how that conversation between her, Whitney and Renee (RE: plus sized models NOT EVER being on the cover of VOGUE) wasn't at all what it seemed, how she feels about Jennifer Hudson actually making the VOGUE cover, and who her 2nd choice is to win it all... (cuz if you watch the show at all, then you know, Whitney is her 1st).

Click to read my interview with Diana...

Me: Hey Diana!

Diana: Hey, how are you?

Me: Good, how are you?

Diana: I'm great! Thank you.

Me: Ok Diana, before we start off, I need for you to explain something to me. (Diana: Mmm-hmm...) What exactly constitutes a "plus-sized" model?

Diana: I believe that it is a size 12 and up.

Me: So it is a size 12 and up.

Diana: I believe so, yes.

Me: Because on the first episode when they were measuring you guys with the measuring tape, they were measuring Whitney and they said that she had a 31" waist, and I was like, a 31" waist is plus-sized?

Diana: Yeah, well I don't really think that Whitney would be considered plus-sized in the modeling industry. I think that she's like a size maybe 8 or 10 or something like that, however on the show they just depicted her as plus-sized.

Me: Well I was a little confused by that because I usually fluctuate from a size 6 to a size 8 (and that one pair of size 10 pants I bought a few years ago, but those size 10's scared me a little, so I got rid of 'em quick! But of course this isn't about me, it's Diana's interview... my apologies. I'm focused!) so after seeing them cast Whitney as plus-sized, I was like, ok, so I'm plus-sized now?

Diana: I think in the modeling industry, that size (6 to 8) would be known as a "tweener" I think that's the correct terminology. You know, it's not quite the "skinny minnies" walking down the runways, but it's not a plus-size either.

Me: Oh ok, I got cha. Well you were the tallest girl this season right?

Diana: Yes I was.

Me: How tall are you exactly?

Diana: 6'1"

Me: Oh wow. Your parents must be really tall.

Diana: No, not really, I'm taller than both of them.

Me: What about guys? Do have a height preference for your guys?

Diana: Umm, you know, I prefer them taller, but I've never discriminated against anyone, I always gave all guys a chance. But my boyfriend now is actually 6'6". So that's just amazing!

Me: Well if you guys end up staying together, that child is...

Diana: I know!

Both of us: Going to the NBA!

Diana: That is correct. That's what we're hoping for!

Me: But for modeling your height was perfect, right?

Diana: Yeah.

Me: What about the plus-sized part then. Was it hard dealing with all the skinny girls in the house, because I swear, some of the time, when Jaslene would turn sideways, you couldn't see her no more. She'd just disappear.

Diana: (laughs..) I think that Jaslene was THE thinnest girl in the house.

Me: She was really thin.

Diana: Yeah, she was very, very thin. But the funny thing is, maybe initially, when I first saw all the other girls, especially the ones on the thinner spectrum... like I remember the first time I saw Natasha, and she was wearing skinny black jeans and a long sleeve black top. She looked soooo skinny! I felt like if I hugged her or touched her, I would break her, you know? But as you're living with these girls, you just kinda look past it. You don't focus on their weight anymore that much. So it wasn't really uncomfortable being around the other girls.

Me: Ok, on the topic of Renee and what she said about it never being a possibility for plus-sized models to be on the cover of VOGUE Magazine, do you think you let what she said get to you?

Diana: Yeah, that was a complete... misunderstanding, I don't know if that's the right word for it, but with Whitney and Renee, it was like a joke, kind of, like they were like "play-acting." Because Renee is actually very supportive of plus-sized models in general and she was also very supportive of both me and Whitney. Renee was simply mocking some of the other girls because we'd had a heated discussion prior to when they were both talking on the bed. And Renee was just kind of like poking fun at what the other girls were saying, and the whole editing thing... you know. It was just completely false.

Me: Oh, ok, so that's what actually happened? Editing is a monster.

Diana: Yes it is.

Me: Well at the end when everybody came over and told you goodbye after you were eliminated, did Renee even come over and tell you goodbye, because they just kind of showed her standing off to the side when everyone else was hugging you... or was that editing again?

Diana: Yeah, yeah, but that was funny because my mom was like, "Why didn't she say bye to you?!" And I was like, "Relax Mom!" Because all the girls... like Jael jumped on me, almost knocking me over, then all the other girls ran to me and when I was leaving, Renee was the last one who said goodbye to me, but they didn't show any of that, you know? So we did hug and say goodbye, but they just didn't show it.

Me: I wanted to know what your thoughts were on Jennifer Hudson being on the cover of VOGUE. She's not a model, but she's not a size zero either.

Diana: Exactly! I've actually mentioned that in interviews in relation to VOGUE, you know, I think it's A-MAZING especially since it just happened recently! And yeah, you're right, she's not a MODEL but it's a step in the right direction. So I really think it's fantastic.

Me: Ok, let's talk about your "Just cuz" comment. (..after a "less than fierce" photo shoot, Jay Manual pulls Diana to the side to ask her why she wanted to be "America's Next Top Model" to which her reply was "Just cuz")

Diana: Oh no! I KNEW it was coming!

Me: So when Jay asked you that question, how long did it take you to realize that, Wow. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Diana: Well, IMMEDIATELY. But what happened was, right after I said that, ("Just cuz") I went on. I didn't just say "Just cuz" I kept going and explaining why, there was no pause there practically. That whole scene, I was just frustrated because Jay just kept throwing negative, negative, negative comments at me, and so I was just holding back tears. I didn't want him to see me cry, so that question completely caught me off guard. And the first two words to come out of my mouth was "Just cuz". But they made it look like I didn't even want to be there and like I had the attitude of "whatever" and that's completely not how it happened.

Me: Ok, I can understand being frustrated and not operating totally in the moment. So you're from New Jersey right?

Diana: Yes.

Me: What were you doing before Top Model?

Diana: I was working at a bookstore, and I was also going to school. So after filming was done and I came back to Jersey, I decided to go back to school just because I only have a year left and I figure I might as well have a degree. Hopefully modeling works out, and if I do get an opportunity to do some modeling or traveling, then I will definitely take it and put school on hold for a minute. I'm hoping that I can do both at the same time though.

Me: Well you're so close (to finishing your degree) I don't see why not. And you still plan on pursuing modeling after?

Diana: Yeah, I really do hope I get offers from being on the show, and that I get to work with some amazing people.

Me: If you had to pick one lesson that you've learned from this whole Top Model experience, what would that be?

Diana: One good lesson would be to not let what other people say influence you. You know, people will try to put you down to get ahead themselves. So little things can frustrate you, and you have to learn, and I'm still learning to block out that negativity. Every day is a new day and a new chance to constantly try to think positive and not let all that negative energy get to you. So the whole experience actually made me a lot more confident, which is funny and ironic since most of the comments thrown were negative. But when I went back home, everybody, like people who didn't even know I was filming Top Model, they saw a complete change in me. They told me that I looked different and that I was glowing. And that was funny to me because I didn't really feel different, because the whole time there, I was trying not to let the negativity get to me, but everybody has their breaking point. But the whole entire time I felt I was constantly having to fake that confidence and fake that happiness, and then when I came back home I didn't need to fake it anymore, and I didn't even realize! So that lesson learned was like the best part!

Me: Well, yeah. Sometimes it takes people outside of yourself to be able to see real changes in you, because you're with yourself all the time, so you may not notice it as quickly.

Diana: Exactly, exactly.

Me: So do I even have to ask who you would like to see win, I know you and Whitney got really close...

Diana: OF COURSE! WHITNEY!!! Of course! You didn't EVEN have to ask that! But I would also like to see Dionne win. She's such a sweetheart. And it's funny too, because I interacted with a lot of the girls, and they didn't show me interacting with anyone other than Whitney.

Me: Yeah, I was gonna say that you did seem really quiet on the show.

Diana: They were stereotyping me into the "quiet girl." And yeah, that's part of my personality, but that's part of everybody's personality, to have quiet moments. And maybe sometimes, I was just reflecting, and they just happened to show that. It's just wild to finally see how they portrayed me, because it's not completely accurate.

Me: Well thanks so much for talking to me Diana, you really cleared up some things, I'll tell you that.

Diana: (laughing...) Thanks so much for having me!

Fashion No No...

I won't even attempt to try and figure out what this is Paula's wearing.

March 29, 2007

Me & The Art Show...

My girl Kimberly had an Art Show here in town last night to showcase some of her beautiful artwork. She's super talented. She paints, she does photography, she writes poetry, she works with kids, she is a true wonder. And chances are, if you've ever shopped at Kirkland's, then you may have already seen some of her work. Beautiful. She's the one who took my birthday pics last year. Love her. The outfit I'm wearing (above) is what I wore to her show. JAACT works for me when going out a good 90% of the time. Casual chic, you just can't beat it. Anyway, back to my girl Kim, make sure to check her out when you get a chance. She has some of her photography up on her site now, but check back on her to view some of her paintings! (that's her picture on the right..)

Me at the Art Show
Brown Silk Top:
JLo by Jennifer Lopez
Black Skinny Jeans: Mossimo (Target)
Black Platform Peep Toes: by Delicious

JAACT="Jeans and a cute top"

March 28, 2007

Top Model Episode 6 Preview...

Audio is a little low. This is 3 separate clips pieced together from tonight's episode.

New Top Model episode airs tonight at 8/7 Central!

March 27, 2007

That New Gloss I Was Telling Ya'll About...

Remember in the last post I told you guys about a new gloss that I had recently discovered? Well, this is it! Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss. I received samples of it in the mail late last week to try, with a few extra (I shared a few with friends) and let me tell you, I was all prepared to hate it. I just knew it would be crappy. But to my surprise, it wasn't! The Flirt people sent me 4 different lipgloss colors, Cherries Jubilee, Radical Raspberry (love!), Juicy Sweet, and Nectar Fizz (my fave of the 4) and I just think they're great! They go on really smooth, without all the stickiness, and they taste great too. If you don't believe me, here's what 3 of my girls had to say about it:

Sarah: I like! Smooth. Very wet. Hint of color. NOT sticky. :)

Anita: I'm likin' the lip gloss. Don't know if it really tastes like raspberry or it's just the smell, but I like it!

Holly: Lovin' the gloss! It stays on pretty good and the one thing I like about it is that it's not too "glossy" since i like to wear my shadows pretty bold, I need to tone down the lips some and it works just perfect.

The Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss retails for $10. Vanessa Mannillo is their 2007 Spokesperson (Serena Williams preceded her) Click here and here to find out more.

Style Verdict: Pale Lips

I'll be the first to admit, that a pale lip is more my "everyday look". I do like a bolder lip on occasion, but not for everyday. It's a fierce look (the bold lip) but too hard to keep up for daily use in my opinion. A pale lip is a fresher, younger, cleaner look. Shiny, with just a hint of color. How can you miss? And a pale lip is most often paired with a bolder, smokier eye. It just balances things out. If you're gonna play up your eyes, tone down your lips. If you're going for a bolder lip, then tone down the eyes. Simple! So unless you're a drag queen, I'd stay away from all-over bold. My everyday lippy is a golden-bronze based gloss that I purchase from my local Hair Crown for $1.99. Love. And I've recently discovered a new shiny, glittery gloss that looks fabulous on me too! I'll tell you about it later. But I wanna know what you think about pale lips, is it a look you already rock? What's your color? Do you like this look? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.

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Expensive Designer Fug...

First Louis Vuitton comes out with a $40,000 bag that has the highest fug factor known to man (and isn't that price just ridiculous?), then Coach comes ready to do battle and throws down the gauntlet with their considerably less expensive (its less than $300), but still very fug patchwork version. Is there some kind of ugly designer bag trend going on? I don't care how exclusive and expensive these bags are, they're both so not cute IMO.

March 24, 2007

Halle Can Still Fit Into Her Jeans from High School...

Once a year, Halle Berry 40, tries on the Mickey Mouse jeans she bought when she was 15. "It’s my annual test,” she reveals in the April issue of InStyle. “I try them on once a year, and if I can still fit into them, all is good in the world!”

Umm... ok.. am I the only one who thinks she could have kept that to herself??? Jeez! I'm doubling up my time on the treadmill this week.

March 23, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Felicia...

I got a chance to speak with Felicia, the 4th "Top Model" eliminee earlier and some of what she had to say was pretty eye-opening. To be so young, she’s extremely intuitive. It was impressive. I liked her a lot too.

So peep my interview with her below and find out how she feels about being compared to Tyra, why her elimination caught her completely by surprise and why she toughed it out like a true soldier and didn’t cry during her elimination…
Click here for the interview with Felicia...

Me: Hey Felicia!

Felicia: Hi!

Me: How are you?

Felicia: I'm good, how are you?

Me: I'm good. Well, you are another one that I didn't expect to be eliminated so early, did you expect it
Felicia: No I didn't!

Me: I thought you showed real strength in the way you handled your elimination.

Felicia: Thank you! I tried not to cry!

Me: Were you trying really, really hard?

Felicia: I was! Because when I cry, I can't talk, and I really wanted to talk, so...

Me: Well it’s a good thing you didn’t cry! I wanted to ask you, do you think the competition got harder from week to week for you?

Felicia: No, it was nerve-racking, all the way through, because you never know what's gonna happen, but it wasn't getting harder, I was actually expecting to stay this past elimination, so I don't know. My last photo shoot with Jay actually went very well, so I really don't know.

Me: You and Samantha, who has already been eliminated were the youngest two this season, right? (Felicia: Yes.)
Do you think that the other girls had more experience or no?

Felicia: No, I don't think so, because Kathleen was older than me and she hadn't had any experience. I had more experience than her! Her experience was.... wait, what did she say? I think she said that she walked down the streets of Brooklyn as her "runway"?

Me: You’re right, she did say that. And you had done some runway before?

Felicia: I had done runway before.

Me: How did you feel about the judges comparing you to Tyra?

Felicia: Umm... it was flattering at first. I mean it still is flattering, but I really just wanted people to see me for me and not "the girl who looks like Tyra".

Me: Do you even think you look like her?

Felicia: I think we resemble a little, but not really.

Me: Ok, well how did you feel about your makeover?

Felicia: I love it! I still have it right now.

Me: Really?

Felicia: Yes, I think it's adorable.

Me: I liked it a lot on you too. I wasn't really feeling the blonde hair on you.

Felicia: Well that's how my hair was when I went in to audition, and when I made it on to the show, they [show producers] told me that I had to come back exactly the way they saw me during the auditions.

Me: Oh ok, so you couldn't change anything. (Felicia: No.) Ok. Well I know that you and Jaslene had a bit of a run-in on an earlier episode, had you guys patched things up before you left?

Felicia: Actually, we did. We had patched things up either the same night everything happened, or the night after that, but they didn't show it! And I was mad, because I was like, "dang!" They could have showed us getting along!

Me: Um, yeah, they're not gonna show you guys getting along... that's not good T.V. (Felicia: Yeah...) Well, what about Renee, what is up with her?

Felicia: Umm.. she's a question mark. Renee is like.. she has a sweet side, she really does, but I think she has a wall up, because she feels like she HAS to. Like I don't know her past experiences, I don't know if she used to get treated badly, and she feels like, ok, I'm gonna hurt your feelings before you get a chance to hurt mine, or I'm gonna make you look dumb before you make me look dumb. It seems like a sort of "forced bitchiness". Like that's not really her. Because I've seen her sweet side.

Me: Ok, wow. That sheds a different light on her. Interesting. Well I do know that you have a background in dance right? (Felicia: Yes.) What kind of dancing did you do?

Felicia: Well, I've had training in ballet, modern, hip-hop, lyrical, jazz, tap, and.. did I say hip-hop? (Me: Yes you did..) Ok, but right now, I focus more on hip-hop. I mean its always good to go back and practice technique with ballet and jazz and stuff, but right now my focus is on hip-hop dance because it's more fun to me.

Me: So you’re still dancing?

Felicia: Yes, its just something that gets my mind off stuff when I'm stressed or when I'm mad about something, I'll dance it off! But I don’t like it over MODELING! Not at all. I love modeling over dance... but dance is right under modeling!

Me: Well your dancing certainly helped you in a couple of your challenges.

Felicia: Yes it did! And I'm so glad I had that advantage.

Me: So, on your final photo shoot where you had to portray a crime scene victim and basically breathe "life" into a "dead pose" you know, that was about the only time that you seemed a little confused about how you were gonna pull it off.

Felicia: Actually, I was really confident about that whole shoot and picture after it was done, because my photo shoot went so smoothly with Jay, like that was the only photo shoot that went that smoothly. My first photo shoot (controversial political issues), I was scared out of my mind, I didn't know what I was doing, my second photo shoot (high school clich├ęs), I was emotional, on my third photo shoot (nude candy-coated), Jay told me I wasn't giving him enough and that I needed to bring more. But this last one (crime scene) went smooth! Jay told me that I had turned into a model in two days, and it was weird because that's the photo that got me eliminated.

Me: Hmm. Well Nigel also said that he felt like you were walking into the judging panel with some cockiness, do you think you were being cocky at all during the competition?

Felicia: Well, when I walked up to panel I was always like, open-minded and I just tried to listen to everything that they told me. Like I didn't strut up there or anything like that, or have this stuck-up look on my face, I was more scared than anything of what was gonna be said.

Me: Maybe you hid it well. Maybe you seemed confident in your abilities and they mistook it for something else you think?

Felicia: Well I have no clue, because Nigel also said that I was relying on the fact that they called me "baby Tyra" and the judging panel never called me that, the girls called me that. So that was another question mark. And then, Tyra told me I was getting weaker week by week, but my first two photo shoots, "the bride" and then the "high school cliche" where I played the jock, were two very good shots, and on the ice cream shot, Nigel told me that I "owned" the picture and this last one was the only one that I had a bad critique. So I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I was getting weaker, week by week. I don't know.

Me: You do have a point there, I don't know about that either, maybe after the judges decide on who they're eliminating, they just have to say random stuff that makes sense to only them.

Felicia: I would love to get all the judges together and just sit down and record it, no editing, no nothing, and just see what they say!

Me: That might not be a bad idea, just to see whether or not they would contradict themselves. Well the judges also said that they thought you were a really pretty girl but they didn't think you were ready to handle the competition and that you also needed more development. Do you agree with that?

Felicia: No. And I don't see how they could think that from one bad picture. I mean, It's not like I was on there crying about stuff all the time. I could see if they had said that to Renee because she kinda whined a lot, about how everything wasn't fair because they didn't give her stuff she was good at. You know, that's not being able to handle the competition, like you should be able to handle whatever they give you.

Me: True, so true. Well now that you are out of the competition, who do you think is gonna win?

Felicia: I want Dionne to win so bad! Dionne is my buddy! We were the closest! If Dionne doesn’t win, I think they should give it to Jael.

Me: Yeah, I talked to Cassandra last week after she was eliminated and she liked Jael too.

Felicia: Oh yeah, Cassandra liked everybody! That's my girl too, she was really positive.

Me: Yes she was.. so you're from Houston, TX right? (Felicia: Yes.) Well what are your future plans, do you plan on staying in Houston?

: No ma'am! That is out of the question! I mean, Houston will always be my love, that’s my hometown and I love it, but "Cali" is the business! It is so fun out here, I wanna move here so bad!

Me: So a big move is definitely in your plans?

Felicia: Yes.

Me: So how does your family feel about you pursuing modeling?

Felicia: My mom is so proud of me, she really is, my boyfriend can’t stop bragging, he’s proud of me, his sister is proud of me and their mom, she lives out here [California] actually, so I’m gonna be staying here with her for a couple weeks after all of this is done.

Me: So you’re gonna continue modeling and try to hook up with some agencies while you’re there?

Felicia: Yes, definitely.

Me: Have you even been back home yet? Do you know if you’re like a celebrity back in your hometown?

Felicia: I have no clue! I have people texting me from my old high school telling me that I’m like the talk of the school and stuff. I haven’t been home yet so I really don’t know.

Me: Well you may need to get prepared for when you do return home, you might need to get more “people”.

Felicia: Yeah, I know, right?

Me: Thanks for talking to me Felicia, and I wish you nothing but success in whatever your future plans are!

Felicia: Thank you so much!

March 22, 2007

Do Bangs Make it Better?

Everybody's getting bangs cut here lately. What do ya'll think?
(Halle Berry & Shanna Moakler)

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March 21, 2007

Some Do's & Don't's of Wearing Heels...

A few good tips...

Fashion No No...

Can you spot them all? Because there's certainly more than one.

Jada Pinkett Smith.. Do Your Thang Girl...

Mrs. Smith showed 'em how it was done yesterday in New York at the premiere of her new movie "Reign Over Me". Well work it out then Ma! She's straight reppin' it for the "35 year olds who look 25..." lol! Lovin' it.

"Top Model" Episode 5 Preview...

Don't forget to watch tonight! 8/7 Central.

March 20, 2007

Steve Madden Dresses?

Am I the only one that didn't know ANYTHING about Steve Madden making DRESSES? I just got this in my inbox and was completely surprised to see it. If you're curious to see, just click below to browse more of Steve Madden and his new dresses.

Click the link below to browse and shop at Steve Madden.
Join our email list and receive 10% off your next order at

Style Verdict: Dresses With Pockets...

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you already KNOW about my strong and undeniable LOVE for dresses with pockets! Cocktail dresses, formal dresses, casual dresses... pockets make any dress even more fabulous in my opinion. It instantly relaxes the look and feel of a dress, and who doesn't wanna be more relaxed? But I'm sure that some, maybe even most, don't share my feelings on this trend. The people at Life & Style Magazine, who did the above story even seem to think that the trend is only "hot this minute". Well I for one hope that this trend lasts... even if I'm the only one hoping, lol! But enough about my feelings on it. I wanna know what you think about this trend. Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.

Click the link below to shop for dresses for any occasion over at eDressMe!
eDressMe - dresses for all occasions

March 19, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Season 4! Will You Watch?

Will I be watching this new season of Dancing With The Stars you ask? Have you read my profile??! [in the tune of "Ebony & Ivory"] Meeee, and Reality TV... live together in perfect... harmony... lol! DWTS airs TONIGHT at 8/7 Central. Click to see the rest of the DWTS Contestants here.

March 17, 2007

Curvation, Queen Latifah's New Clothing Line...

Queen Latifah, who says she hasn't been a size 6 since she was 12, has launched a ready-to-wear clothing line for the curvy chicas, called Curvation. Her Spring line features lots of silks and jerseys that "silhouette the body instead of trying to hide a woman's curves". Some nice pieces in this line, check her out!

Introducing a new line of apparel inspired by Queen Latifah•
Every item in the Spring collection features limited-edition styles signed and numbered • Curvation Apparel is a true life-styled collection that not only embodies the Queen’s spirit and energy, but also the needs and shape of an entire curvaceous population • With wardrobing solutions from head to toe, Curvation Apparel will have you looking smart, sexy and beautiful every minute, every hour, and every day.

Shop Curvation now!

Blognificent Weekend Links!

Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, oh my! Enter for your chance to win a designer bag a day!
[Stiletto Jungle]

Delicious Spring Body Butters. Yum.
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Carmen Electra falls down hard on the runway. She's such an attention hog.
[Pop On The Pop (video)]

Fun and crafty ways to wear a scarf! [Daddy Likey]
Why can't I get enough of this commercial? [C&D]
Stripper heels... now available at TARGET! [Cheap Chica]
Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line. [Pink Rock Candy]

Trend Watch: Platform Shoes [B Glam]
Cute laptop bags for the stylish fashionista! [Stained Couture]

Have a great weekend!

March 16, 2007

Style Verdict: Bandage Dresses

These bandage dresses should come with a warning label. ATTENTION: Do not attempt if you are not all the way "right". Don't get me wrong, because please believe, if I was all the way right in my tummy, thigh and hip areas, I'd rock every single one of these dresses! This pic could serve as a wonderful motivator though, no? I think it could. Because looking at these chicks make me wanna go and do like an hour on the treadmill right now. But I want to know what you think about this bandage dress trend. Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Are you "all the way right" enough to rock it? I wanna know your style verdict.

Pic Source: Life & Style Weekly Magazine (on newstands now!)

March 15, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Cassandra...

I got to talk to Cassandra earlier and I liked her even more after her interview. She has a great attitude. Wish she could have stayed in the competition longer. But, oh well.. Check out my interview with her and find out how her Christianity helped her to keep a level head in the house, the drama that unfolded on the nude ice cream photo shoot, her top picks of the girls left in the house and what she thinks about the shocking, and emerging trend of heterosexual men wearing stiletto heels...

Click to read the rest of Cassandra's interview here.

Cassandra: Hey Chanel!

Me: Hey Cassandra, how are you?

Cassandra: Doing great!

Me: Well Cassandra, I was not ready for you to be eliminated so early.

Cassandra: Thank you!

Me: But I was happy that you were able to make it to the makover episode, because I was a little concerned about you having that wig sewn onto your head. (she's laughing..) were you satisfied with your makeover?

Cassandra: I was satisfied, I loved it! It was an afro and afros make a very proud statement. I enjoyed it. I thought it was hot. It really complemented my funky style!

Me: Well how long did it take to complete that look?

Cassandra: Umm, it was a while, it probably took about 6 hours I would say.

Me: 6 hours? Wow.

Cassandra: Yeah, they had to braid my hair in a beehive, then they had to put the net on and then sew the hair in, so yeah, it took a while.

Me: Did they have to trim or cut it any once you had it on?

Cassandra: Well once they got it on, they debated about trimming it but didn't do it, instead they just kind of teased it to make it look more wild and high fashion.

Me: Oh, ok. So you're from Seattle, WA right?

Cassandra: Yep. Born and raised.

Me: Well tell me a little about Seattle.

Cassandra: I was born and raised in Seattle, it's a green city, it's a happy city, it's a place where people say "Hi" to each other on the streets.

Me: Really, because you hear all kinds of things about Seattle. Because it rains so much there (Cassandra: it does...) that the people there are really depressed. Is it anything like that, or is that description a bit of a stretch?

Cassandra: Well if you visited for just a couple days, then yeah, you might think that. But if you lived there, you'd know that Seattle's a happy city, it does rain a lot, and it is kinda cold, but it is very fresh and green and beautiful.

Me: Oh ok. Well you were the oldest girl in the house right?

Cassandra: I was!

Me: Well do you think that was why you were able to cope a little better with the other girls and kind of help them sort out their problems?

Cassandra: No, I don't think it was just because I was older that I was able to cope, but I did have a little bit more experience. But I'm also a Christian, a really strong Christian and I love the Lord, and I know that the Bible teaches me to be kind to everyone. So I was competitive, but I was also kind and I think that you can be both.

Me: Well I agree totally, and I think you had a wonderful compassion, a great attitude and a fantastic spirit that was displayed while you were on the show.

Cassandra: Thank you very much!

Me: So, did you notice that when you were eliminated that most of the girls were pretty upset?

Cassandra: Yes, I did notice that they were sad, I was supportive to everyone, so I was glad that I had such a positive impact on them. I thought that was really sweet.

Me: Do you think that it's possible that one of the reasons you were eliminated was because you weren't all ghetto and dramatic and loud?

Cassandra: Definitely! Definitely, I'm sure that that had to be part of the reason why I was eliminated. Making good TV always helps! And when you have more of a dramatic or negative personality, then that makes for better TV than being positive.

Me: Well, do you think it also hurt your chances any when you were disqualified in the makeup challenge when you came back late?

Cassandra: Well, that also hurt my chances as well, so yes. They told us the directions at first, to come back over to the space where she [the judge] was at, but I wasn't thinking. I was thinking that I would drop everything right where I was and then the judges would come around and check our faces. But by the time I looked up, I heard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... and I saw all the girls standing all the way on the other side of the garden.

Me: So it was a bit of a misunderstanding as to what you were supposed to do then?

Cassandra: Exactly! But that was "my bad" on that challenge.

Me: Ok, well in your photo shoots, you portrayed a "meat-eater", a "high school cheerleader" and then you had to pose nude with ice cream (Cassandra: the jelly bean girl!) right! The jelly bean girl! So which one of those photo shoots was the most fun for you?

Cassandra: The "meat" photo shoot was really, really fun for me because I am a meat-eater! And it was kind of scary, but sexy at the same time. I had some really fierce makeup on that shoot and it was just a really good time. There was meat all over the table and I had a chance to get messy but be gorgeous at the same time.

Me: Your makeup was pretty flawless on that shoot. (Cassandra: Thank you!) So which shoot did you like the least?

Cassandra: The shoot I liked least was the ice cream shoot because I was holding the ice cream in my hand, and I was the first girl to go, and the ice cream gave me
frostbite, really bad frostbite on my hand. And they didn't show that part, but I had to go to the hospital!

Me: Oh wow! (Cassandra: It was pretty bad..) I couldn't even imagine. Well what was some of the "model lessons" that you could honestly say you learned from being on the show?

Cassandra: That some of the dramatic looks that they put you in are not necessarily what you're always gonna like. Sometimes you might think that you would have more of an input, but they actually do exactly what they want to do to you. So you just have to learn to really work it and pull it off.

Me: Well now that you are gone, give me your top 3 picks of the girls left in the competition.

Cassandra: My top 3 picks would be
Jael, Natasha, Jaslene.

And out of those three, who do you think has the best chance of winning it all?

Cassandra: I would say, probably Jael.

Me: Ok, well what are some of your plans for the future?

Cassandra: Um, well I was working with an agency before I was on the show, and I'm gonna continue working with that agency, it's called the
Seattle Models Guild, it's a local agency in my town and they are fabulous! I'm also gonna pursue bigger and better things as well!

Me: Well great! So are you still rocking the same hairstyle from your makeover or have you since moved on?

Cassandra: Well I rocked that style for a good long while, but I just recently changed it, so currently I'm sporting a long, brown, layered weave.

Me: Well I have another question, it's a little off topic, I wanted to see how you felt about something that is going on right now in fashion. (Cassandra: Ok..) How do you feel about MEN, heterosexual men wearing stiletto heels?

Cassandra: (pauses) Really?! Where's that happening at?

Me: I saw it in a fashion forum on Vogue's website,
Cassandra: Umm, I think that's kind of weird, I don't know if a lot of people would want to see it. But I guess everybody has their own free choice to do what they want to do, but as far as fashion goes...
I don't think that's hot.

I feel the exact same way about that! Ok, well I have one last question for you. If I were out out your way, in the city of Seattle, and I wanted to shop, where would you send me?

Cassandra: I would send you... well that depends on whether or not you like vintage? (Me: I love vintage..) Well there's an awesome vintage store called
Red Light, and there's another great store call Atlas, and don't forget Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

Me: Yay! Shopping across America! Well thanks so much for talking to me Cassandra, I wish you could have stayed on the show longer, but I know that you'll be moving up to bigger and better things!

Cassandra: Aww thanks!

Top Models Made Over...

Well Cassandra was eliminated last night, and that was a bit of a bummer, but at least she got her wig upgraded before she was given the boot. See, that's called focusing on the positive. But still, it was a little sad to see her go. I think the rest of the girls took her departure pretty hard as well. I'll be talking to her later to find out exactly what she thinks went wrong. Anyways, the makeovers took place last night and I was all excited! But after everything was done and over, the only makeover I was really feeling was Dionne's. The rest of 'em were just... meh. But I'll tell you who gained major points with me after last nights episode, and that was Whitney! Not because of anything she did in any of the challenges, but because of her compassion toward Jael after Jael found out that her friend overdosed. Whitney prayed with her. On television. Unashamed. What a powerful moment in primetime T.V. Kudos, and Brava! To the CW Network for not cutting that scene. Real talk right there. Ok now, on to the makeovers...

Dionne was my fave makeover of the night... and what a pretty girl she is. I couldn't much see it before.

I think Whitney's makeover was an upgrade. This Beyonce pose she's doing right here is a downgrade. Click here for the rest of the Top Model makeovers.

I didn't much like Renee's makeover. Or her stank attitude. She comes off to me as a very jealous, insecure type person, and she doesn't hide it that well either.

If they were trying to make Natasha look more Russian? They succeeded.

They basically trimmed Jaslene's ends and then called it a makeover. But still an upgrade.

Felicia's makeover was an upgrade as well. I didn't like that blonde a whole lot on her. And her new bangs add a nice bit of drama to her face.

Surprisingly (for me), I think Sarah is cuter as a blonde. But the brunette does give her an edgier look.

I'm still trying to figure out what they did to Diana? Anything?

Jael had to endure getting her hair braided, getting the weave sewn in, then endure Jay and Tyra deciding that they didn't like how it was all turning out. She then had to endure them taking it all down and then cutting her hair shorter. I can't even fault her for breaking down on the spot. Anybody that's ever had their hair braided, weaved or any other ALL DAY hair styling type process knows what I'm talking about. Not cool. But her look was a definite upgrade.

And this poor child, she had to endure getting a tight weave sewn in. And she made sure to let everybody know how uncomfortable it was. (The "black girl pat" was in full effect, lol!) I still like Brittany though, even with all the whining she did last night. She takes FABULOUS pictures. I'm looking for her to go pretty far. Don't forget to check back for my interview with Cassandra, the third Top Model eliminee!