April 30, 2007

Style Verdict: Bold Black & White Stripes

Sienna in Calvin Klein, Gwen in L.A.M.B., Thandie in Giles Deacon

I have to say that I'm not completely averse to this trend as I actually have a knit top with the exact same bold black and white stripe. Never mind the fact that my husband informed me that I looked like I was headed off to the "big house" when I wore it for the first time, lol! But the difference between a small strappy top and a whole dress made in this bold black and white stripe is pretty significant IMO. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my own bold-striped top. I don't know... it's just something about seeing this much of it on these dresses that looks a little bit busy and kind of over the top to me. But what do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.
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April 27, 2007

Hiptastic, Blogfabulous Weekend Links!

Ok, how 'bout I want her shoes.
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Spa tips for men. [Lipstick, Powder N'Paint]
The term Getting your "beauty rest" is redefined. [Fabsugar]
Go braless with cute and colorful pasties! [The It Lists]
Black and white looks good on everything. [Hue Interiors]

Bold and beautiful Spring/Summer dresses. [Fashion Nette-Work]
Organic, cotton, relaxed fit Levi's. Easy. Nice back pockets. I like 'em. [Outblush]
This pic gives new meaning to "denim dress" [Fashion Minute]

It took singer Lily Allen exactly 5 minutes to turn celebrity clothing designer. [Lavish Magazine]
Have a fab weekend ya'll!

April 26, 2007

Video: How to Choose the Right Pair of Jeans For You

Another site to check out to help in choosing the perfect pair of denims? Zafu.com. They match the perfect pair of denims to your body! Zafu uses mathematical calculations, jeans databases and body shape libraries to ask women a few simple questions, then they use her answers to recommend jeans that will fit her best. Neat right?! Check it out!


April 25, 2007

High-Waisted NONSENSE... Please Make It Stop.

I've looked and looked at this high-waisted trend, and I just cannot in good conscience, get behind this extreme foolishness look. I mean look at these jeans! They're nothing more than the "Mom" jeans from the SNL skit done a few years ago! And have you peeped the madness that is that pair on the far upper right? How seriously insane are those jeans??? The zipper on those things is about 10 feet long! And no, they're NOT photoshopped. At all. Check them out for yourself here. Unreal. I mean, what woman seriously wants to wear a pair of jeans where the zipper stops right beneath her breasts? I understand that fashion changes and evolves, recycles and repeats, but this right here, is just all types of wrong. NOT CUTE.

April 24, 2007

Serena Williams Looking... Pretty?

Serena Williams in NYC on 4/24/07 announcing her renewed partnership with VICK'S

When I first saw these pics of Serena, I was shocked! Shocked I tell you. What happened to the extreme crispiness? Her hair is the best I've seen on her in a while! Her whole situation is completely moisturized! There's a softness to her face! She's the epitome of a LADY! Who is the stylist responsible for Serena's 180 degree turnaround for the better! I need your name girl! Or.. dude. Whoever you are, BRAVA!!! Now hopefully she'll keep it up...

Hip Candy Made A List of "Top 50" Fashion Blogs!

The people over at Fashion IQ has listed Hip Candy as one of the Top 50 Fashion Blogs in the US! Yay! Hip Candy is #49 on the list, but hey! We're on there! I'm too excited! Cue the confetti!

Click to visit Fashion IQ and The list of Top 50 Fashion Blogs!

April 23, 2007

The Mother's Day "Dream Big" Dreamgirls Giveaway!

Mother's Day is around the corner (May 13!) So in honor of Mother's Day and in conjunction with the release of Dreamgirls on DVD, Glam.com would LOVE to send you and your mom to New York City for a day packed with pampering and fun! Woo-hoo! And ya'll should know that your girl has already entered this thing! For realz.

And why wouldn't you?! Look at everything you get!
* A trip for him/her and his/her mom to New York City (Airfare for 2)!
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* Dream Big gift bag
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The contest ends May 31st, so enter
To enter, go to www.glam.com/dreamgirls

10% Off For Hip Candy Readers at Rarechic!

Online boutique Rarechic is offering Hip Candy readers 10% off your online purchases by using checkout code Hip10! Rarechic carries harder to find boutique brands like CassGuy, Erin Fetherston, Gryson, Earnest Sewn and Flavor Paper.

A couple cute Rarechic looks: The "Spend" tank (on sale, $20), The Ballerina top in black ($240)

Rarechic puts high-end, boutique fashion at your fingertips. Check it out!

April 19, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Jael...

I had the chance to speak to Jael earlier, and she was just as endearing off the show as she was on. She's really humble, but at the same time, she's no pushover. She's tough but sweet. You know, kind of like those hard candies with the soft centers... okay, enough of my metaphors. Check out my interview with her and find out how she was discovered for the show from her Myspace page, the bizarre chain of events that led to her getting thrown into the pool at the 50 Cent party, (big surprise.. it's more than what was shown) what she thought about the judges and her big plans for a future in television...

Check out my interview with Jael below...

Jael: Hi Chanel!

Me: Hey Jael! How are you?

Jael: I'm awesome! How are you?

Me: I'm good. Well congratulations on making it to the top 6.

Jael: Thank you very much!

Me: And you got to go to Australia.

Jael: I know! That was my goal.

Me: You know, I've interviewed all the girls from your season that were eliminated before you and when I'd ask them who they would most like to see win the competition since they were no longer in it, your name came up the most.

Jael: Really?!

Me: It really did.

Jael: Wow! I'm so honored. That means that I really accomplished my second goal which was to make strong relationships with all the girls in the house.

Me: I think that you did a good job in accomplishing that. Well you're from Detroit, Michigan right?

Jael: Yes ma'am! I'm from Detroit, born and raised and proud!

Me: Tell me something fantastic about Detroit.

Jael: Detroit has the most artistic, intelligent, courageous, wonderful and wise human beings I have ever met in the world! The city is full of such diverse people. And I am so proud to represent one of those people.

Me: I think you represented Detroit well.

Jael: Thank you so much!

Me: How did you end up getting picked for the show?

Jael: I actually got scouted from my Myspace page by one of the Top Model Casting Directors.

Me: Really?!

Jael: Yeah, and actually at first when she contacted me, I thought she was just kidding! People had been telling me, "you know, you should be on that show!" and I always just laughed it off. But I ended up going and then I made it to the second round and I never thought they were gonna call me back for semi-finals, but when they did, I decided I was gonna give it my all.

Me: That is really... wow. Scouted from your Myspace page? That is different. I had no idea that they even went that route.

Jael: Well I had like tons of blogs on my page because I write poetry and stuff, and the Casting Director told me when she contacted me that she had read all of my blogs, and that I seemed really interesting and that I was really tall. She told me that she thought I would be perfect for the show!

Me: Tell me about your about your interracial makeup again.

Jael: My mom is African-American and my dad is Jewish. So I'm White, Black and Jewish!

Me: Oh, ok. Well let's go back to the makeover episode for you. The stylist started braiding your hair for a weave at first, but then they decided against it so they had to take it all down, and then they cut it short. How long was that whole process exactly?

Jael: Yeah.. that took 8 hours, and I've had a weave before, but my hair was really, really short because I had bleached it so much. So to braid that really short hair was the most painful thing in the world. They should have just cut it in the beginning. They really should have left it alone, I had awesome hair!

Ok, I wanna ask you about the situation at the 50 Cent party. What really happened there? Because after speaking to some of the other eliminated girls, they said that a lot of things that actually happened on the show were really edited, so I wanted to find out from you what happened for real.

Jael: Well actually, and they didn't show this, but with 50 Cent, like I talked to him, then I left to go and talk to somebody else. And a couple times, he sent Whitney over to get me, and she came over a few times to tell me that 50 wanted to talk to me. So I'd go back over there and then he'd be like, "I told you to go away!"

Me: Are you serious?! So that was a bunch of stunting for the cameras?

Jael: Yeah. So all I have to say about that is that I wish that had been Young Jeezy instead!

Me: You are hilarious! I wanna ask you about the judges, because they were really hard on you about your speech, but they were also hard on Danielle about her heavy Southern accent, and she still ended up winning! So why do you think you were eliminated?

Jael: Because I didn't conform. And to them, you know.. they're in charge, they run the show, and I'm Jael, and I'm used to running the Jael show. I don't really take well to authority, I like for everybody to be on the same level. So I guess I came off as not really adapting to what they were looking for, and that's totally fine, and I respect their opinion. I was just being the best "me" I could be.

Me: You're really a free spirit.

Jael: Oh definitely, you know... I support myself 110%, and I do my best. But everybody doesn't like everything.

Me: Right, right. Well, what would you say your favorite part of the whole Top Model experience was?

Jael: Wow, you know I feel that it was so liberating to express myself worldwide and stand up for all the people that never really quite fit into the mainstream, and just to set a good example to be a strong, independant, intelligent, caring, positive human being. I really learned so much about myself, I really did.

Me: That's great. The fact that you're able to say that makes the experience all worth it then.

Jael: Yeah, I'm so proud to be able to represent my city and just finding myself to be that strong personality.

Me: I think that's wonderful. Well since you're no longer in the competition, who would be your pick to win America's Next Top Model?

Jael: I was really, really close with all the girls, but Brittany was like a "sneak attack" in the photo shoots you know?! If you saw her on the street, I mean she's a beautiful girl, but you wouldn't think she could be a supermodel, but man, when she's posing for those photos, she is AMAZING!

Me: She really is, and I totally agree with you there. So what's next on the agenda for Jael?

Well, I'm hopefully going to be doing my own television show. I look forward to doing a show that involves shining the light on bands and artists that have yet to be exposed to the world.

Me: Oh ok, that seems like a natural fit for you.

Jael: Yeah, I'm so into art and there's so many amazing, but struggling artists out there that just need a little bit of exposure, so I just want to give that to them. Right now, it's an idea, but since I'm off the show now, I'm ready to pitch it!

Me: I think you would do well with that, I think whatever you decided to do, you would do well, are you gonna continue modeling too?

Jael: Oh I definitely will continue modeling, but I'd really like to go into the artistic part of the industry, more so than the commercial part. You know, I like to get in where I fit in, I'm not a "poser!" I don't have an Australian accent. I tried though!

Me: Well, I know a lot of people were rooting for you and some people were probably upset when you were eliminated.

Jael: I think everybody who was rooting for me should root for themselves, because we're just a bunch of misfits and somehow we all fit in together!

Me: Well thanks so much for talking to me Jael, and I wish you nothing but success in the future!

Jael: Thank you so much! And whenever I'm doing a project in the future, please, please find me!

Me: I'll certainly do that!

Jael: Thank you so much!

April 18, 2007

Fashion No No...

Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go out on a limb and give Halle the benefit of the doubt here. She didn't realize her dress was as sheer as it is, and she also didn't know that the paparazzi would be bidding her farewell at the airport with all their x-ray strength lightbulbs. Because her undies (and her bumcake... and you'll have to excuse my terminology there, it comes from having young nieces and nephews..) are clearly visible from the back, but again, I'm sure that this wasn't intentional on her part.

All that being said, VTL (visible thong line) is just as bad a problem as VPL (visible panty line) if not worse. Whether you can see the thong clearly like in the pics above or just the friggin' IMPRINT of it, a visible thong line is just not the best look. The whole point of wearing a thong is to give the appearance of not having on anything, a smooth and finished look underneath your clothing. If people can see your panty line or worse, your thong line/imprint... well, what's the point?

VPL=Negative 6 points.
VTL=Negative 2,478 points.
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Cute, Not Cute: Victoria and Jessica...

Drusilla Winters I mean, Victoria Rowell looked chic, sophisticated and polished yesterday in Los Angeles as she continued to promote her new book, "The Women Who Raised Me". She looks good don't she?! And you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out recently that she is 47 years old! She'll be 48 next month! Absolutely flawless. I miss her already... (Y&R). Definitely Cute, and I'm totally gonna steal that look.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, wasn't looking as polished with her great-grandma's high-waisted, throwback (but pushing to be "hot" right now), sweet potato pickin', country yard pants on last night in West Hollywood. Sooo not cute, and I think it's pretty safe to say, that NO ONE would want to steal this bumpkin style.

Style Verdict: Baggy Jeans

First skinny, now wide. Both the skinny jean and the wide leg denim are currently sharing the spotlight, because I don't see skinny jeans going anywhere anytime soon. But I do like the wide jeans too. Which is unlike the skinny jean, because I loathed those when they first emerged on the scene, but gradually, they did grow on me. The wide leg denim, which is not to be confused with bell bottoms, because bell bottoms are snug at the top and wide at the bottom only (think 1970's), but wide leg jeans are wide from thigh to ankle which gives them a much more relaxed, trouser type fit which can be much more flattering on more body types. I'm cool with them, I think with the right styling, it could be a cool look. But what do you think? Do you like them? Hate them? Don't care? Would you wear them? I wanna know your style verdict.

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Trend Alert!

New trends are always emerging. According to Life & Style Weekly, celebs have been spotted sporting the following 7 trends in recent weeks:

(1) Leather Bomber Jackets, (2) Ankle Strap Flats, (3) Equestrian Boots, (4) Cardigans (Yay! I seriously wear cardigans all year long. They're perfect to top off a sleeveless top or dress, especially if you tend to always ask, "why is it so cold in here?"), (5) Layered Necklaces, (6) Pencil Skirts (pencil skirts can be super sexy without looking skanky), and lastly, Paris Hilton aside, (7) Bright Green is a super flattering color on most skin tones for Spring/Summer.

April 17, 2007

My Love Affair With The T-Shirt Dress...

Above: The Slub Jersey Empire Waist Dress by Splendid (the green one), The Vince Jersey Short Sleeve Dress (the black one), and the Very Light & Fashionable Jersey Dress by Splendid (the red one). Shop Bop.

How much do I love the lightweight jersey t-shirt dress? Oh let me count the many ways...

1. They're comfy! They feel like pajamas!
2. They're cute!
3. No zippers!
4. No buttons!
5. Dress them up or down!
6. Wear them in cool or warm weather!
(In cool weather with a legging, tights or jeans...)
7. Step into 'em or pull 'em on over your head, then grab your purse and go!
8. Did I mention that they were SUPER COMFY?!

I just purchased this
"Evita" Sweetees dress in red, and another long sleeved empire waisted one from Old Navy (find it here. It's the women's knit empire waist dress) which brings my total t-shirt dress collection to 10!

Wear them to run your errands, on a lunch date with the girls or on a dinner date with your honey! They're so versatile!

I ♥ the t-shirt dress, what about you?

Click the pic below to browse & shop for cute t-shirt dresses over at Revolve Clothing and receive FREE Priority shipping and returns. 

In Memory...

To the families of the Virginia Tech students, our thoughts and prayers are with you...

April 13, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Whitney...

I spoke with Whitney earlier and she had a lot to say. I really appreciate strong talkers in interviews because it makes it easier on me, but at the same time, it's a lot to type, lol! But Whitney struck me as a strong woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life. And she's also someone who's not afraid to go after what she wants. I like that about her. It's a rare quality, courage. People could get so much further (myself included) if they would stop letting fear paralyze them from moving forward. Wow! That was good right? I could totally be a motivational speaker! Anyways, check out my interview with Whitney below, and learn all about this "size 8 being plus size" issue, why she wants to be a role model, who she'd like to see win it all, and her thoughts on the Don Imus vs. Rutgers basketball team situation.

Check out my interview with Whitney...

Whitney: Hey Chanel!

Me: Hey Whitney, how are you?

Whitney: I'm good, how are you?

Me: I'm good too! Well Whitney, when I was watching your last episode, I was watching your face and you seemed to kinda know that it was your time to go, did you? Or was I reading that all wrong?

Whitney: It was more of a disappointment reaction because I honestly didn't think when I went into elimination that I was gonna be in the bottom 2 let alone leave. So when I was in the bottom 2, it was kinda like, not again, are you serious? So that's really what my reaction was.

Me: Ok, let's talk about you being "plus size" because what size are you exactly?

Whitney: I wear an 8.

Me: Okay Whitney, since when is a size 8 plus size?

I know! I always teeter between an 8 and a 10, so when I went on the show, I kind of wanted to make a statement about being average sized. And I knew that I wasn't 110 lbs. and 5 foot 10, but when I went on the show I was 175 lbs. and 5 foot 10. I carry my weight really, really well. I'm an athlete and I've always been really into fitness, so I'm secure about my body, and I just wanted to go on the show and make a statement that a girl who is 5 foot 10 and weighs 175 lbs. could look awesome in a bikini and could be sexy while still considered plus sized.

Me: So what is the actual sample size then if a size 8 is plus size?

Whitney: Technically plus sized is a size 10-12, or 10 and above. And some agencies accept size 8, but sample sizes are usually anywhere between size 2 and size 8, but most times between size 2 and size 6.

Me: Okay then, because I just could not wrap my mind around a size 8 being plus sized.

Whitney: I know! Well everytime people see me, they're like, "They consider YOU plus-sized?" It's ok though because I'm really confident about my body and that's just one thing that I wanted to make sure that I stressed the entire time that I was on the show, is just embracing yourself and embracing your body. I think there's a lot of negative scrutiny attached to the whole idea of being a plus sized model because people automatically assume that you're fat. And that's the common misconception. Plus sized models are not fat! They're proportioned and I guarantee if you see Diana and you see her hips, you'd be like, dang girl! You have got an awesome body! And then if you see me, you'd be like, "Wow! They call you a plus sized model?!" It's just how you carry yourself, and it's all about being confident and embracing your body.

Me: So you weren't surprised once you were selected and they labeled you plus-sized?

Whitney: No, not at all. I went into it wanting to be called a plus sized model.

Me: Was the competition much harder than it looked? Because the judges kept stressing the fact that you were a pretty girl, but it wasn't coming across in your pictures.

Whitney: I think definitely, you have to remember that America's Next Top Model is a reality television show, and you have to realize that the extremity of the photo shoots aren't realistic. So they always wanted you to go on set, I always say, acting like a goon. They wanted you to be really cooky, and really goofy and show all of your personality on set, and not really be as professional as a regular model in the modeling industry would be. So I always went on set trying to be as beautiful and "model-y" as I could. And I think there was added pressure on me, there was added pressure on Jael and Diana as well to always show as much personality as possible on set because that's what got us on the show and that's what kept us on the show. So when I would go on set and be professional and just try to do my job, the judges would be like, "Where's all your personality? You go flat when you step on set." So I think I was torn and I couldn't find a balance between acting like a goon on set and then modeling and taking beautiful pictures at the same time. Because I guarantee you if you see my pre-ANTM portfolio and my portfolio while I was on ANTM, they're two totally different things. Usually, when you go to a photo shoot, you're professional, you do the job that needs to be done and then you bounce. But not on ANTM, I mean, it's a reality television show, and I just think that I had difficulty finding that balance.

Me: You did win the "laser-beam-posing" challenge and you scored a nice piece of jewelry when you won... how much was that bracelet worth again?

Whitney: $40,000!

Me: Wow. Do you wear it everyday or...

Whitney: Absolutely not! I'm not about to wear a "car" on my wrist everyday!

Me: So just for special occasions then.

Whitney: Yeah.

Me: So where do you store it? Is it in a safe or something?

Whitney: Exactly, it's in a safe. Nobody touches it!

Me: Well you also would have won that "window-display-group" challenge, but you guys were disqualified because you weren't in the right spot. Do you regret not listening to Natasha?

Whitney: Well you know what? I didn't even hear Natasha, so I think that came across really bad on television, because I didn't hear her and if she said anything, it was after they had told us that time was up, because we weren't saying anything after we sat down. So I really didn't hear her and I definitely think they made it look like I was just ignoring Natasha because I thought she was dumb and didn't know anything. Totally not the truth. But I did let my group down and we did get disqualified as a group, but I would have won the individual challenge. So I was really letting myself down! So, yeah, if I had heard Natasha, I promise you I would have gotten onto that podium.

Me: On the last acting challenge, you didn't win that one either, but the actor from "Napoleon Dynamite", I forget his name...

Whitney: Efren Ramirez.

Me: Yeah, him, he was still very impressed with you. Do you feel that acting comes a bit more naturally to you?

Whitney: Yeah, it totally comes naturally, and acting is a passion that I discovered my first or second year in college and I never knew I had the talent. It's something that I just LOVE to do! I love the entire art of it, and I love being able to adopt a character and act out a character that's totally opposite from myself. I just love it! And it's definitely something that I totally want to explore, because my entire life I've always had this loud booming voice, and I always make sure that I speak as eloquently and as clearly as possible, and I just love to talk! So I definitely want to act and pursue that as well.

Me: Well how would you rate Top Model on your list of "life experiences"? Would you do it again?

Whitney: Oh yeah! Definitely! It was like a 9.5! I mean, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity! I left school my senior year to go and be on Top Model, and there aren't many girls in America who can say that they've been on America's Next Top Model. So I definitely thought that it was totally different and that it was "pushing the envelope" and kids at my school don't really do stuff like that, so I just wanted to go for it! Because, I think that when you are in school, you're always soul-searching and you're never really quite sure what you wanna do. Like I was battling with going to law school and being a lawyer and just knowing that that wasn't really what I wanted to do. And I knew deep down in my heart that I wanted to be a model, and an actress and in the public eye as a representation of an average woman who could be sexy, who could be smart, and who could just serve as a role model for all the little girls who have to look at Kate Moss every single day, you know? I just think that you need role models like that. I look up to Tyra Banks, I look up to Jennifer Hudson, I look up to Angela Bassett, I love those women. They are, for me the essence of polish, the essence of just being yourself and embracing that.

Me: Well, I'm so glad that you had the courage to realize that you wanted to go after and follow something that you really wanted to do, it can be scary for most people.
Whitney: Yeah, no doubt. Because, you know, I could easily "flock" but the thing that gave me a lot more leeway, is that I could always go back to school (Me: Exactly, and you're young...) Right, and I'm graduating from a really good college, so finding a job wouldn't be that big of an issue. And when I was wavering and deciding what I was going to do with my life, I was like, "look, you gotta follow your dreams" and my dad was really supportive of that. But my mom, was like, "Uh-uh girl, you're going to law school!" But overall, I had a good support system.

Me: You've had a pretty stellar academic career, where were you in school again?

Whitney: I'm currently a senior at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Me: And didn't you play sports too as well?

Whitney: Yeah, I played women's basketball.

Me: Well, I don't know if you've been asked this already, but it seems like a natural fit to ask. What are your thoughts on the Don Imus and the Rutgers female basketball team situation, being that you yourself were a female student athlete?

Whitney: Well we actually played Rutgers last year in the NCAA Division 1 Finals, so I've heard a lot about the team. I wasn't on the team at that point because I left at the beginning of my Junior year. But I do know of the girls and my teammates have told me a lot about the girls, and just as a former women's basketball player, I can say we get so scrutinized over being female athletes. Especially basketball, because they look at female basketball players and expect them to be "hard" and "butch" and "manly" and not act like women, but it's already hard as as a female athlete, and for Imus to say something like that and not give credit where credit is due, is really an unfortunate situation because those girls have overcome a lot. I don't know if you follow women's basketball, but they struggled a lot in the beginning of the season. They almost lost to us! An Ivy league team last year in the first round of the NCAA, so they have come a long, long way! So you HAVE to give credit where it's due. My mother is a Rutger's grad, so obviously I have ties to that school too. But kudos to those girls and it's just unfortunate that they weren't given the time to bask in their success for making it to the finals, because they've had to deal with all this negative media attention, but they really should give them some kind of congratulatory party because they've dealt with so much, and I do personally want to congratulate them because they are an awesome group of girls.

Me: I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

Whitney: Yeah! And I'd love to talk to them!

Me: Ok, well back to Top Model, I know that you and Diana had gotten really tight during the competition, and she told me when I spoke with her a couple weeks ago that she wanted to see you go all the way. So now that neither of you are no longer in the competition, who do you want to see win it all?

Whitney: If I had to pick two girls, I'd say either Dionne or Jaslene. Dionne because I've seen her blossom so much from the beginning of the competition until now, and I'm just looking forward to seeing her continue on with so much class and poise. I really enjoyed watching and just being around Dionne because she was such a quiet girl, and she just opened up while she was on the show. And I'd like to see Jaslene win, because some girls wanna grow up and be doctor's, some girls wanna grow up and be lawyers, Jaslene wants to be "America's Next Top Model!" So I wish her the absolute best, because it's probably a lifelong dream of hers to be a model, and she just wants it! So I just wish both of them the best of luck.

Me: Well what does the future hold for Whitney, what are some your plans?

Whitney: I have to graduate in June, so once I walk across the stage, I'm gonna move to New York to continue to pursue modeling.

Me: That's great! Well Whitney, I sure hate that you didn't make it farther, but I'm sure you'll be successful at whatever you put your mind to! Thanks so much for talking to me!

Whitney: No problem and thank you!

April 12, 2007

Fashion No No...

Don't do this right here. "Muffin top" is never a good look. Ever.

ANTM's Whitney is Eliminated...

This is bonus footage of Whitney speaking candidly in the ANTM confessional last week before her elimination. She offers a few encouraging words...

I'll be talking to her on tomorrow so stay tuned for the interview! And just a side note to the "Top Model" people... a size 8 is plus size now?

Uh-uh. I don't think so.

April 11, 2007

Style Verdict: Colorful Denim

You know, I don't think I've EVER owned a pair of these. I've had dark rinse, indigo rinse, stonewashed, and black jeans, never even had the urge to purchase a pair of rainbow bright denims. I don't know what it is, but something about bright colorful denim just doesn't appeal to me I guess. Just give me a regular pair of blue jeans any day. But that's me, I wanna know what YOU think about this trend. Do you like it? Hate it? Don't care? Would you wear it? I wanna know your style verdict.

April 10, 2007

Cute Summer Dresses At The GAP

I got these in my inbox earlier... cute right?! These Gap dresses range in price from $39.50 to $79.50. And I think this one is especially fun! Wanna see more? Just click to browse more cutesy Summer dresses at The Gap here!

You Asked, We Found: Ciara's Plaid Slingbacks...

Ciara wore a pair of black and white plaid platform slingbacks recently to the Kid's Choice Awards, and someone asked in my shoutbox a few days ago if anyone knew who made them, and at the time I, myself didn't have a clue. It was just recently that I stumbled upon the shoes while I was looking for something else...

The shoes Ciara wore are by Yves Saint Laurent and they retail for $795 according to Elle.com. (See www.ysl.com for more info). A few slightly similar (and a bit more affordable) alternatives are these by Charles David ($75), or these by Marc Jacobs ($180) or these by Stuart Weitzman ($165). So there you have it!

The YSL Slingback, $795

April 9, 2007

My Inspired Michael Kors... Finally.

Just to let ya'll know, I actually completed my Michael Kors dress about a month and a half ago. And I've already debuted it at an event that I attended back in February! I'll take you through my process, because it wasn't without it's challenges...

Who Had The Look On Lock?

Iman vs. Karolina in Rachel Roy

Nicky vs. Hilary in Petro Zillia

Eva vs. Vanessa in Nanette Lepore


April 6, 2007

My Interview With ANTM's Sarah...

I spoke with Sarah on yesterday, and we talked about her photography a bit, but she also threw a couple curve balls during the interview. Like she's really into music. So much so, that she's working on an album. Didn't see that one coming did you? I know I didn't. But anyway, peep my interview with her to find out more about her burgeoning music career, how she worked out her problems with "posing", and who her top 3 picks are to win the big prize.

Check out my interview with Sarah...

Sarah: Hi! How are you?

Me: Good, how are you Sarah?

Sarah: I'm doing good! Really busy, but very good.

Me: Oh, well that's good! Let's get right to your elimination. You seemed to take it pretty hard, were you surprised when Tyra gave Whitney the photo instead of you?

Sarah: Umm.. I was, I didn't want to go home, I was having so much fun there and I really wanted to prove to the judges and prove to myself that I could let go of that, and stop "posing" so much. But I realized that I don't have to prove that to the judges, I just have to prove it to myself and just be myself and I'll be fine.

Me: Exactly. So you're from Illinois right?

Sarah: Yes I am, Chicago! Well I'm originally from Lake Zurich but I live in Chicago now.

Me: How far is Lake Zurich from Chicago?

Sarah: It's about 45 minutes.

Me: Oh, that's not far at all, is it like a suburb?

Sarah: Yes it is.

Me: Ok, so you are a photographer by trade right?

Sarah: Yes, I am a photographer by trade.

Me: How long have you been doing that?

Sarah: I've been doing photography since I was about 14, and I've been shooting professionally since I was 18 years old.

Me: Oh wow, ok, well is there anywhere that we can see some of your work?

Sarah: Yes you can! It's www.sarahvon.com! (And when you get to her page, don't be surprised, but the singing voice and music is her... more on that in a minute...)

Me: Oh great! I'll make sure to post that.

Sarah: And I've also been doing music lately too, I've been recording an album.

Me: What type of music?

Sarah: It's pop, kind of Sheryl Crow meets Corinne Bailey Rae if that makes any sense. It's blues, but pop at the same time, and I've been busy, busy, busy! We're recording 3 days a week now, and I've been talking to record companies.

Me: I had no idea that you were into music.

Sarah: Well I've been singing since I was little.

Me: Ok, back to Top Model and your experience as a photographer, the judges kept saying that you looked "posed", do you think your experience as a photographer helped or hurt you?

Sarah: I think it both helped and hindered everything because, the knowledge of the industry helped so much with different challenges and things like that. It was just knowing what to talk about, especially at that party (hosted by 50 Cent). But it also hindered me in the photo shoots because I was very analytical, and I was just thinking way, way too much so I've gotta stop doing that!

Me: So do you think that photographers, in general, would have a harder or easier time on the other side of the camera?

Sarah: It's just a different side of the camera. I believe that it'll make me a better model in the end because I do know photography. I don't know, it's difficult because its two very different places.

Me: Ok let's go back a week to the window display challenge where you, Dionne and Renee won after Whitney's group was disqualified. There was an issue of you taking all the credit for your win on that challenge, do you wanna address that?

Sarah: Oh, I would love to address that! Because I don't think that that was portrayed the way it happened. My job was to get all of the decorations for the display, and when I came back, we had to pick out our clothes, and I saw the blue, so I asked, "can I wear the blue?" because I love the color blue, you probably always saw me wearing my blue jacket! So I did help to pick out my outfit, and I had apologized to Dionne and Renee for not giving them any credit, I was just excited at the time that I had won that challenge.

Me: Well of course they didn't show you apologizing (reality TV is such a spin game!).

Sarah: I know they didn't, I know! But I felt so bad, and I was like, "but I apologized!" And I talked to them and everything, because I'm not one of those people, you know, I'm not a mean person whatsoever, so it was hard, because I knew that all the people watching the show were probably like, "Sarah's so mean!"

Me: You don't seem mean at all.

Sarah: Thanks!

Me: You went from being a blonde to being a brunette on the makeover episode, which shade do you actually prefer?

Sarah: You know, I really dig the brown, I'd never had my hair colored brown before, I'm natural blonde. But it's so hard to keep up, so I did dye my hair back blonde after being off the show, because it's too much maintenance and I'm really lazy! That's why I love having short hair, I can get up and not even dry it in the morning, I can just shower and just leave it. So I'm back to being blonde, and plus its good for the music because I've always been blonde, and I want to represent me, you know?

Me: Well onto the topic of Renee, after ya'll's talk with Tyra about Renee, your group talk, did the situation with Renee change any before you left?

Sarah: Umm, you know what, I didn't really get a chance to see it that much to tell you the truth, but the only thing I can say about that is actions speak louder than words. So I guess we'll see what happens, because I think Renee, deep down is a sweet person, but she just has to show that, so we'll see if she does or if she doesn't.

Me: Since you're no longer in the competition, who would be your pick to win?

Sarah: I would have to pick Brittany, I think Brittany is adorable, as soon as they get rid of her friggin' weave! It's horrible!

Me: I know! It looked a mess on the episode this week! (Tyra really should be ashamed of herself for letting the people do that to that child's head...)

Sarah: Well, freakin' half of that thing comes out when you brush it! It's just kept getting thinner and thinner... it looks great in photos, but ugh! It was a cheap weave! And I don't know weaves at all, I'm just very glad they didn't give me a weave. But I would definitely say I'd like Brittany, or Jaslene to win it all, because Jaslene's from Chicago too, so I'm supporting Chicago, or either Jael. I would actually love to see Jael as the Cover Girl because I think that she would give a different spin to things. I love Jael, she's such a bright light, you know? Jael just makes everyone feel good around her.

Me: We've talked about your music and your photography, are you gonna continue to pursue modeling as well?

Sarah: Yes, definitely! I'm gonna continue to do my modeling, I've already spoken to my agent and everything, I'm gonna be meeting with him next week and whatnot, and he's super excited to have me back (at Elite Chicago) and I'll always have photography in my life, but right now, I feel like I'm concentrating on the music, it's turning into something amazing, so I can't wait! And you can hear the music on my myspace. (www.myspace.com/sarahvonderhaar).

Me: Ok, great. One last photography question, when you are shooting, do you prefer studio shots or natural lighting (outdoors)?

Sarah: Umm... ooh.. that's a very good question! I haven't gotten that particular question the whole time I've been here so far! I would have to say I prefer natural light because of the backgrounds outside. A lot of my photography deals with textures, and I love the juxtapose on someone who has very soft porcelain skin against a rugged textured backdrop. So more of those types of looks are usually outside, but I also like having more control when I'm doing the lights, so a lot of times I'll bring my lights outside. But I hate the studio. I think its too bland, too normal, unless I'm doing headshots, like a Richard Avedon style. I just love having an interesting shot, I love colors and that gritty outside, like you get the best stuff outside in Chicago, I love it!

Me: Well thanks so much for talking to me Sarah, and I hope you reach all your goals!

Sarah: Thank you so much!

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