September 28, 2007

So Similar, Yet So... Alike.

The Christian Louboutin Emily Boot ($925) and the Steve Madden Chap Cream Patent boot ($149) could pass for twins, no? Blatant knock-off or flattering imitation? Would you purchase and/or wear either pair? I wanna know your style verdict.

September 26, 2007

Rockin' That Baby Hair! Cute Or Not Cute?

For real tho, I'm kinda feeling Jamie-Lynn's. I might get me some like that. But what do ya'll think about grown people still rocking "baby hair"?
Cute or not cute?

Fashion No No...

Socks & thong sandals. Together... to make a quick run out to the mailbox? Maybe. All other situations... no.

September 24, 2007

Temperley For Target

Pictured: Leaf Print Sweater, $29.99 and Ebony Crepe Mini Skirt, $24.99, Alice Temperley Cobblestroller, $14.99-$49.99, Temperley Ebony Cotton Voile Dress, $29.99

British designer, Alice Temperley has made her way into Target as the latest designer to design for Target's GO! International series. I was able to see a couple of her pieces up close over the weekend when I was shopping for birthday gifts and she has some really cute pieces! She has wide-legged pants, cutesy little cropped coats, and the black, ruffled, cotton voile dress (available online, I didn't see that one in the store) is also a real nice look. Alice Temperley joins Patrick Robinson, Libertine, and fellow Brit, Luella Bartley in bringing an affordable line to the masses through Target. Yay!

Browse & shop Alice Temperley for Target now!

Click to see looks from her higher priced Spring '08 line, Temperley London, at NYC Fashion Week.

September 22, 2007

Up To 40% Off Select Fall Styles At Payless

Click to browse & shop now!

September 21, 2007

My Bargain Tent Dress & Shoes...

How long has it been since I've done a Style Diary entry? And I'm not talking about something that I've sewn and wore, I'm talking about my random outfits that I wear out, take pictures of, put 'em up on the blog and then see what ya'll think? Yeah, it's been a while right?! Well anyways, the outfit below is what I wore to the Gottex and Terexov shows during Fashion Week on Sept. 6.

My husband and I were a little surprised as it was very warm the whole time we were in New York. We're used to being there when there's a slight "nip" in the air, but there was none of that! Which is why that dress was right on time. It was nice and breezy! And I got it on clearance! The dress is a lightweight cotton with an even lighter weight cotton lining, and get this, I didn't have a clue that the dress had pockets until I tried it on at home! Sweet. And all in this season's "it" color of oh so exciting grey. The particulars on the rest of it is below:

Grey Print Tent Dress: Old Navy ($17 on clearance!)
Grey Shoes: Payless Grey Peep-toe Slingbacks ($9 on clearance!)
Grey Sweater: Lightweight 3/4 Sleeve Button-up from my closet.
Silver Necklace: My mother's, borrowed.

September 20, 2007

Democracy Now Video: Jena 6 Backstory

This clip was taped prior to today's monumental demonstrations in Jena, LA that brought out such notables as Martin Luther King III, and rapper Mos Def among others. It provides a little backstory on Jena 6. For our awareness...

Jena 6 March Today In LA + David Bowie Offers Help

Jena 6 Protesters Descend on Louisiana Town [Link]

David Bowie Donates to Jena Teens Legal Defense [Link]

September 19, 2007

Weird & Unexpected Fashion Week Trends...

There were a few weird and unexpected standouts at the Fashion Week spring '08 shows in NYC. See the pics below for a small sampling...

Using female rappers as inspiration for your runway hairstyles (and Remy Ma's hairstyle, no less..) as seen at Toni Maticevski SS/08. Why?

Turbans were paired with everything from swimwear to summery dresses to eveningwear (scenes from Milly by Michelle Smith and Pamela Roland SS/08). Why? What's next? Baseball caps paired with wedding gowns? The two just doesn't go together IMO.

Infant style "onesies" for adults as seen at Betsey Johnson's SS/08 show. Why? And where would you wear them?

And lastly, but certainly not the least weird and unexpected trend from Fashion Week, is Phillip Lim with those Hammer Pants. HAMMER PANTS. From Phillip Lim, who won the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent in Womenswear at this years CFDA Awards. What is there to even say about this unexpected trend? I'm sorry ya'll, but I can't touch this.

Trends Noticed From The Spring Shows In NYC..

So many trends emerged from the spring shows at NYC Fashion Week! Below is just a small sampling of what was noticed.

Short Shorts:
Pictured l. to r. below,
Donna Karan, Anna Sui, Nanette Lepore, & Michael Kors.

Pictured l. to r. below, Tracy Reese, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Chaiken, & Badgely Mischka.

She's A Lady!:
Pictured l. to r. below,
Venexiana, Anne Klein, Tracy Reese, Reem Acra & Malandrino.

And my very favorite trend returns.. POCKETS! They made an apperance on most designers silhouettes again for the spring 2008 season. Yay! I love, love, lovity, love pockets!

Pictured l. to r. below: Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, DKNY, & Vera Wang.

Other notable trends that were noticed from spring '08: sequins, muted fall tones infused into some spring palettes, and bright beautiful color on others.

September 18, 2007

Marc.. What is REALLY Going On With These Shoes?

Marc Jacobs strikes again! He's really into designing fug shoes right now. The "boots" below (Marc by Marc Jacobs, $725 at are the follow-up to his ballet flats of a very similar design. Ya'll remember them. And the following shoe with the upside-down, backwards heel was a design worn by the models in his runway show during Fashion Week. But I do have to admit about the "boots", they are a little better than the ballet flats... but just a little! That being said, I still don't think I could do anything with any of these. What do ya'll think?

Shoes worn by models at Marc Jacobs SS/08 show during Fashion Week.

September 17, 2007

Hip Link Post!

Emmy Awards Red Carpet Roundup [Fabsugar]

Complete list of Big Emmy winners. [US]

Kanye's Emmy Awards comeback. [Youtube]

Tim Gunn's Guide To Style. Are you watching? [Swish Style]

Black girls can sing country too! [Stereohyped]

Acid Wash Jeans making a comeback? I vote NO. [Stained Couture]

Tips on how to create the perfect hair knot. [Luscious Locks]

And lots of you have already entered. LOTS! But if you haven't, there's only 2 days left to enter the Hip Candy Fashion Week Giftbag Giveaway! So enter today!

September 14, 2007

Scenes From Zac Posen SS/08...

Zac Posen. Boy wonder. He's not even 28 years old yet, or is he? Zac is a very young, promising designer who's already won countless design awards, and has also garnered a cult celebrity following for his dress designs. He studied design at the Costume Institute and it's evident in his body of work. The attention to detail in some of his dresses has a sort of theatrical beauty that you won't see in a lot of other designers work. He's come a long way in a very short time. A few looks from his Spring 2008 collection below.

September 13, 2007

Scenes From Michael Kors SS/08...

I think that former model, Veronica Webb said it best when she said, "the common thread of Michael Kors work is that he has very classic bold clothes that make a very simple statment. It's the beginning of classic jetset glamour!" I couldn't agree with that statement more about classic Michael Kors design. And his spring/summer '08 collection didn't disappoint paying tribute to 70's style jetset fashion and high glamour. Michael Kors is one of those designers you would wear if you wanted to look stunning and effortlessly stylish and had unlimited funds at your disposal. He's one of my very faves. 

September 12, 2007

Hip Candy Fashion Week Gift Bag Giveaway!

Remember when I told ya'll a few posts back in the Tracy Reese SS/08 Fashion Week entry that she had AWESOME giftbags at her show?! Well, I wasn't kidding you! She had so much good stuff in some of her bags, that I'm able to share some of the wealth with you! A few of her show giftbags had items in them worth over $250! I told ya'll she was classy. And one lucky Hip Candy reader will walk away with a few gifts from Tracy's fabulous Fashion Week giftbags! Check out the items you can win below!

Thyme Wild Ginger Foaming Bath Powder
(A $6 value, and it smells so nice!)

Sexy Smile Lip Gloss in Stripped Bare
(A $28.50 value!)

FHI Heat T-Rex Hair Clips
(Great as an aid when styling your hair!)

Mally Roncal's "Get Cheeky" Dewy Blush in Ipanema
(A $25 value! Formerly Beyonce's main makeup artist, she launched her own line of makeup on QVC and did the makeup for Tracy's show.)

A show program, a 10% off gift certificate at her Hudson St. Store in NYC (641 Hudson) which is good until 11/30/07.

And finally, a bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish in "Arabian Night" that Tracy Reese specifically helped to create to compliment her Spring collection!

Which all rings up to a whopping $75 value! Nice! To enter, put "Hip Candy/Tracy Reese Giftbag Giveaway" in the subject line and send it to including your name and your city. One entry per person. Contest ends at 11:59 pm September 19. The winner will be announced on Thursday, September 20. In the event that you are the chosen winner by random draw, you will be notified via email and you can then verify all your mailing information to receive your prize. Easy!

See? It pays to be a Hip Candy Reader! And even though it officially ends today, stay tuned for continued coverage from NYC Fashion Week!

Scenes From Tracy Reese SS/08

He's Celebrating 40 Years! Scenes From Ralph Lauren SS/08

Ralph Lauren had an elegant event where celebrities and big named designers alike came out to celebrate his 40 years in the fashion industry and to see him showcase his spring/summer '08 collection in Central Park during Fashion Week. Ralph Lauren exudes classic American style and luxury as you'll see in the following video. His black and white pieces are the definite standouts, IMO. Simply beautiful.

September 11, 2007

Beyonce Rocks It! Scenes From Reem Acra SS/08

Reem Acra is one of the leading names in the luxury bridal and eveningwear markets. Last year, she expanded her repertoire by introducing daywear pieces into her Spring 2007 collection. Both brides and celebs alike make up her fan/client base. A few fabulous daywear, cocktail, and evening looks from Reem Acra's Spring '08 show below.

Beyonce at the 2007 MTV VMA Awards in Reem Acra.

Scenes From The Academy Of Art University SS/08

The Academy of Art University show was presented on Saturday night in the tents, and what a fun and creative show it was! I was so looking forward to this event for the mere fact that it was a show of eleven fashion and textile design students from the Academy of Art in San Francisco debuting their lines on the grand stage that is New York Fashion Week. From knitwear to menswear to swimwear, to a line created using sustainable, organic and reused fabrics (such as parachute material) the Academy of Art show was all-encompassing. The most fun was the knitwear line with the matching motorcyle helmets. Too cute! Below are a few pics we took at the show.
[Photo credit: Ron Ward, Hip Candy Photography]

Below are some pics from the Menswear line that was presented during the Academy of Art show, and the guy in red jacket in the middle really woke up the room! I swear when he came out, women people lost it! I had to look around... getting that kind of response, his agency should be booking him left and right.

"At Academy of Art University, they believe design is everywhere. Since 1929, their mission has been to nurture and inspire designers with eyes wide open. Designers who go on to creative careers. Designers taught by exceptionally skilled, passionate instructors who believe design is a contagion that needs no cure. By learning the rules and being encouraged to break them, they instill the audacity to create work that is sometimess beautiful, sometimes disturbing, challenges perceptions and is always relevant."
-Dr. Elisa Stephens, President, Academy of Art University

Student Designers:
Andrea Vence
Tara Shannahan
Kathryn Scully
James Yoest
Sharon Chia-yu Yeh
Jiyoon "Lydia" Yeom
Kenneth Ning
Yi-ting "Maxim" Lee
Haa Cheng Thai
Kyung Min Kim
MinSun Lee
The Academy of Art University

We Remember...

September 10, 2007

Scenes From Gottex SS/08

[Image credit: Wire Image. Gottex models walk with Gottex designer Gideon Oberson]

We had the opportunity to attend the Gottex show on Thursday night where Gottex offerered its collection of designer swimsuits for its Spring 2008 collection. This was another label that I wasn't that familiar with before attending their show, but in the end, we left quite impressed. Gottex presented a wide range of styles from frilly florals and spring pastels to suits with a more architectural and graphic edge. Gottex is an Israeli swimwear company that has been designing swimwear since 1949. Below is the final walk at the Gottex show that we taped with the camera from our seats.

September 8, 2007

Scenes From Terexov SS/08

[Photo credit: Wire Image]
I didn't know that much about the Terexov label before attending the show the other night, but I'm all about expanding my knowledge of up and coming designers. The Terexov spring show didn't go the usual route of using bright, frilly spring colors for his collection, instead opting to go with muted mauves, yellows, greys and plenty of black and white displayed on flowy silhouettes. Below is the final walk of the show that we taped with the camera from our seats. More on designer Alexander Terekhov below:

A graduate of the Institute of Fashion and Design in Moscow, Alexander Terekhov won an award to train under Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. This explains his mastery of draping. And though he is a newer face in the New York fashion scene, Terekhov’s Terexov had been featured in the Russian editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour.


September 7, 2007

Flat Sandals (Rule!) At Bryant Park...

Upon my arrival at NYC Fashion Week's Spring 2008 shows (my first!) I was pleasantly surprised to see so many fashionista's, stylemakers, buyers, magazine editors and the like putting comfort first at the tents. And even though I hadn't attended previously, I had done my homework on what to wear, and I have to say that the common theme overall was to WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! So even though a high-heel would have really given a couple of my Fashion Week outfits that final, fab, finishing touch, my comfy ballet flats have been on serious heavy rotation since we've been here! And as you can see above, I was not alone. From flat sandals to ballet flats to some even showing up to the tents in sneakers, then changing into their heels... and then back into their sneakers, it just goes to show, it's fashionable to be comfy.

Pic Source:

Scenes From Tracy Reese SS/08

Tracy Reese always wants you to be a lady. And her spring/summer '08 collection was no different. Lots of people love Tracy! I spotted Veronica Webb, Tim Gunn, Star Jones among others. When Tracy debuted her first collection at Fashion Week back in 1998, I was just entering design school that same year. Below are a few of my fave looks from her show earlier today. Her giftbags were awesome! She had some real valuables in there. Tracy Reese is classy. More pics to come!

Tracy Reese F/W 2007

Tracy Reese S/S 2007

[Above Photo credit: Ron Ward, Hip Candy Photography]

September 6, 2007

Scenes From Miss Sixty SS/08

We totally missed this one this morning, but Coutorture and Teamsugar didn't! This one happened a little early (for us) after a late night. A few looks from Miss Sixty's spring/summer '08 show.

Scenes From Venexiana SS/08

That first dress was especially pretty the way it breezed ever so softly down the runway. Nice. Just a few more lovely spring looks with that "vintage feel" from Venexiana SS/08.
See also Venexiana.. More To Come.

[Photo credit: Ron Ward, Hip Candy Photography]

Venexiana.. More To Come.

The Venexiana show was great! Kati Stern had a real throwback, vintage, "old Hollywood", glamourous type show... her spring looks were very reminiscent of classic black and white movies from back in the day. I love old black and white movies... especially Hitchcock thrillers. And anything with Bette Davis or Joan Crawford starring. But wow ya'll. I am tired. Traveling can definitely take a toll on your stamina, but no worries. I'll post the rest of the pics that my photographer took (a.k.a. my husband, lol!) tomorrow. And a huge, big shout out to him! Ron (my husband) is really being a trooper. Isn't that a great pic he took?! He has photo/media riser access at a few of the shows.. he has more serious access to the shows than I do! I think I'm gonna go ahead and add him to the Hip Candy photography staff. Yeah. I'll let him know that tomorrow.

More Fashion Week pics to come!

September 5, 2007

NYC Fashion Week Begins Today!

The official start of New York Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2008 season is September 5 and it continues all the way through Wednesday, September 12. I read that there's gonna be something like 200 fashion shows in 8 days at the tents and offsite. That's insane. We're leaving for NYC Fashion Week tomorrow and I'm excited! We were invited to a total of 17 shows on and off site, 7 of which we'll be able to actually see due to our travel schedule (bummer! I would have loved to see Naeem Khan. But a huge, big THANK YOU to everyone who graciously extended us an invite!) But one show we won't be missing is Tracy Reese's spring 2008 offering (a pic from Tracy's F/W collection above) out of all the shows that we were invited to, for me, Tracy's show is the ultimate "golden ticket", lol! I cannot wait to see her show up close and personal! She rarely ever disappoints. I'm also excited to see the Academy of Art show. Advanced fashion design students showing at Fashion Week?! Wow. As a former design student myself, I can't wait to see this show! See the rest of the NYC Fashion Week schedule (the tent schedule) below. And check out Coutorture for the full list of NYC Fashion Week SS/08 scheduled showings.

Wednesday 9/5
BCBG Max Azria
Perry Ellis
Toni Maticevski
Alexandre Herchcovitch
Erin Fetherston
Anne Bowen
Adam Lippes
Duckie Brown
Nicole Miller
Venexiana (Going!)

Thursday 9/6
Lela Rose
Miss Sixty (Going!)
Carlos Miele
Bill Blass
Nary Manivong
Cynthia Steffe
Badgely Mischka
Atil Kutoglu
Terexov (Going!)
Akiko Ogawa

Friday 9/7
Ports 1961
Vera Wang
Tracy Reese (Going!)
Max Azria (Going!)
J. Mendel
Snoopy In Fashion

Saturday 9/8
Twinkle by Wenlan
Temperley London
Rosa Cha
Rebecca Taylor
Academy of Art University (Going!)
Ralph Lauren

Sunday 9/9
(returning home today)
Peter Som
Michael Kors
Richard Chai
Reem Acra (invited!)
Diane Von Furstenburg
Pamela Roland
Z Zegna

Monday 9/10
Lyn Devon
Carolina Herrera
Nanette Lepore
Jill Stuart
Oscar de la Renta
Luca Luca
Anna Sui
Joanna Mastroianni
Marc Bouwer

Tuesday 9/11
Carmen Marc Valvo
Monique Lhuillier
Naoki Takizawa
Betsey Johnson
Dennis Basso
Calvin Klein
Naeem Khan (invited!)
Custo Barcelona
Zac Posen
Jayson Brunsdon

Wednesday 9/12
Donna Karan
Anne Klein
Tommy Hilfiger

Other shows who extended an invite to us (thank you!):
Farah Angsana
Loris Diran
Poltock and Walsh
Nili Lotan
Malan Breton (from Project Runway)

September 2, 2007

New York Street Style: End of Summer Looks

I love street style! There's something so inspirational about seeing real style individuality in action. Fashion Week begins this Wednesday in New York for Spring '08, and I don't know which one I'm more excited to see, the actual shows or the street fashion at and around the tents! I'm excited!

I like this look. partly because I like simple white tank tees. A LOT. And in the heat of the summer? White tank tees are super versatile! Throw one on with jeans, throw one on with a flowy skirt, throw one on with shorts, throw one on as a layering piece under other tees, I could really keep going, but I'll stop right there. Her aviator sunglasses, throwback "Salt 'N Pepa" earrings, skinny jeans, camel bag and studded heels complete this look.

How cute is this dress and rainboots together! I love that she's wearing the rainboots and it doesn't even look like it's about to rain, lol! Chick is just wearing her rainboots because she feels like it. I own a pair of plaid rainboots myself that I wear religiously whenever it rains, usually with jeans. Funny, I would have never paired them with a little cutesy dress like this, but I'm probably gonna try it now! It's cute. The green rainboots, the red bag, the black mini trapeze dress.. and is that the new blueberry-pomegranate flavored Vitamin Water she's holding? I haven't had a chance to try that one yet. The Formula 50 is one of my fave flavors right now.

I cannot tell you how much I'm loving these free-flowing trapeze dresses! Nina Garcia, ELLE Magazine's fashion director and Project Runway judge said that the empire waisted baby doll's along with the myriad of trapeze and tent dresses that emerged last fall and then spilled over into spring/summer made it the perfect season to be pregnant. Or the perfect season to slack up on working out. Ok, Nina didn't say that 2nd part. That's why I like the trend. But of course, the skinniest of skinnies rock these dresses too. I like this look on her, and she could totally wear the dress without the jeans (although she may need a little more lining for daytime wear, as it is a bit sheer..) Overall, I think this is a cool, funky look.

This look right here is probably my favorite. This dress is cute and carefree! And it's another neat and trendy trapeze dress! Dresses are the best because they're basically an all-in-one outfit in one simple piece! There's no top to match with a bottom. A casual dress is a ONE PIECE OUTFIT. Throw it on with a pair of shoes, grab your purse and you're out the door! So easy.

So what are ya'll's thoughts on these four NYC street looks?
Pic source:

Have a Great Labor Day!