October 30, 2007

Click To Give FREE Mammograms!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and October is almost over! But you can still make a difference by clicking to give FREE mammograms! It's so easy! You click the site (below), then sponsors pay for mammograms and you are helping a woman in need get a FREE mammogram! Do it TODAY!

October 29, 2007

Halle Berry: Knocked Up & Fabulous!

Halle Berry has been shining in designer in everything from Dolce & Gabbana to Versace to Roberto Cavalli since she's been with child and wow! Is she workin' it or what?! I don't think I've seen pregnancy look this great on anyone since Heidi Klum. I've heard Halle say that she thinks she can get away with NOT wearing maternity until about her 9th month. I think she might be right. I ain't mad at her. She's fabulous.

October 25, 2007

Is Forever 21 Being Branded A Copycat Retailer?

We've seen this before... Forever 21 has been accused of copying Anna, Sui, Diane von Furstenberg (left), and Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line among others. Now Trovata is the newest label who is making claims that Forever 21 is copying their designs...

(Article From the New York Times)
From Newport Beach, Calif., comes word today that John Whitledge, the designer of the preppy sportswear label Trovata, has joined the throng of designers taking Forever 21 to court for copying its designs. In a lawsuit filed last week, Mr. Whitledge claims Forever 21 sought to deceive its consumers by copying Trovata designs, patterns, prints and labels over several seasons. More than 20 such cases have been filed against the retailer in recent months, including one by Anna Sui, who cited 26 potential cases of copying of her prints.

But what constitutes copying in fashion? It’s a question that designers have been debating with renewed interest over the last year since the Council of Fashion Designers of America began lobbying Congress to extend copyright protection to clothing design. Nine senators have introduced a bill supporting the designers, but the measure has generated concern among intellectual property experts because they say it will be too difficult to determine what constitutes an original design. Can the length of a sleeve or the style of a neckline be copyrighted? (Prints and logos, on the other hand, are protected as original art.)

Two things make the Trovata case interesting. Mr. Whitledge is the first designer to cry foul over men’s wear designs, which are typically less distinctive than women’s. Also, Trovata is not exactly known for its prints, but rather for generic preppy styles that include polo shirts, chinos and striped cardigans, which are hard to describe as “original” under the current copyright laws.

But Trovata also cites fairly compelling examples in its case that its clothes were indeed inspirational to Forever 21: a purple and white striped cardigan with multicolored buttons (but in a different order in a version sold at Forever 21); a cream-colored hoodie with toggle buttons and a printed lining (the print skewed at Forever 21); and a multistriped polo shirt with a yellow, red, purple and black combination (reversed at Forever 21). Then again, it will be tough to argue that Trovata owns stripes.

Related Story:
Before Models Can Turn Around, Knockoffs Fly

I had no idea that the industry could be so brazen. Your thoughts on the knock-off trend?

October 23, 2007

Designer Fug: Dior Shoes

On the right, the Christian Dior Odyssey Pump with Fish Scales, $890.
On the left, weird red ball stiletto shoe by Christian Dior.

VIDEO: Beautiful Fall Looks From Kevan Hall

A few looks from Kevan Hall's Fall 2007 collection.

October 21, 2007

Does Longer Hair=Having To Pay More For Services?

Imagine this scenario. Your hair is dirty. You're not feeling doing it yourself, and you have a couple hours of free time so you decide to go and get your hair washed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. You go to your regular "in-between" spot, but you try a different location (your "in-between" spot=not your regular stylist, but the spot you frequent "in-between" for quick in-and-out hair maintenance). You get there and get straight in the shampoo chair. You're styled just as you instructed and you're done! Then you go to pay for your hair services only to find out that you were charged a PREMIUM because you had longer hair. Yes, you were charged extra, double, maybe even TRIPLE the published price because of your hair length.

Can you imagine that? Well I can, because this exact same scenario played out on me over the weekend. I went in to get my hair washed at my regular "in-between" spot like I normally do, although at a different location, and was shocked and surprised (shocked I tell you!) upon completion of my services to be charged DOUBLE what I had been paying because I had longer hair. WTH IS THAT??? That had NEVER happened to me before, EVER. Has this been a policy that I've just been oblivious to? And if so, does the opposite apply if someone has shorter hair? For instance, do you pay less if you're sporting a cute short cut? I have to be honest, when I got my bill and saw "longer hair - add $$" on my receipt in plain black and white, I couldn't help but feel a little violated as I reluctantly paid the inflated balance. How is this fair??? Am I wrong for being offended by this "rule" because it felt borderline discriminatory IMO. Doggonit, I need some answers!

Now I do realize that some people have gangloads of thick, long, hair which would take extra effort to deal with. I understand that. But my hair is, in my own estimation, just slightly longer than normal, nothing that is so unbelieveably hard to work with to constitute paying DOUBLE or TRIPLE the published rate. I don't know, maybe I just need to be better informed on the subject, so if you do hair, know someone who does hair, or are just privy to this "long hair" rule, I'd love to hear from you on this subject.

**UPDATE** I've since been informed, by the same spot that I still think overcharged me, that "short hair" is defined from the crown of the head to the chin. And "long hair" is ANY LENGTH of hair past the chin. I'm still not buying it.

Hip Product! The Slipper Genie, Would You Try?

Wow! I first spotted these at Outblush, but they were also featured in Oprah's "O" Magazine. The Slipper Genie is a product that lets you dust and sweep your floors just by walking (or "gliding", lol!) around your house! The "dust mop" part of the slipper is detachable and machine washable, is great for wood, tile and vinyl flooring, and there are no hard edges that could damage your floor. And at only $10, would you try?

October 19, 2007

You decide: Is Naomi Spectacular In Sheer?

Naomi Campbell with designers Dolce & Gabbana at Swarovski's Fashion Rocks in London on Oct. 19.

October 17, 2007

More Designer Boots From Our Friend Marc...

This is the Tall Slouchy boot by Marc Jacobs ($790). Surprisingly, I wasn't as turned off by this pair of boots as I was by the last pair of Marc Jacobs boots I posted. They're not the most traditionally stylish pair of boots, but Marc is not the most traditionally stylish designer. And with all the shine he's getting on Hip Candy, I'm starting to feel like he should be breaking me off a little something for my yapping on and on non-stop about his shoe designs... So what are ya'll's thoughts on these?

October 16, 2007

Celebs Wearing Turbans: Cute, Or Not Cute?

Hey ya'll! I'm back! Yay! When I spotted these 3 celebs wearing a recent runway trend, I was just like... uh-uh. I'm not sure when Demi and Naomi wore their turban headgear, but Beyonce sported hers recently on a dinner outing. And yes, I'm aware that they were very present on the Spring 2008 runways, but that don't make it cute. What do ya'll think?

October 12, 2007

It's My Birthday!

My apologies for the lack of posts.. we're still moving. But enough about that... because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! Woo-hoo! Yay! October 12 should really be a national holiday IMO. My day started with phone calls and texts from my friends and family wishing me Happy Birthday, but the funniest and most memorable phone call came from my 3 year old nephew, who is also my godchild... he and his sister called together, but when he got on the phone, he said, "Happy Birthday!!! Who is this???" Lol! Too funny. Anyways, I'm gonna spend my day chillaxing and treating myself, which translates to absolutely NO MOVING TODAY, and hopefully go out tonight for a lovely dinner & maybe a movie *hint, hint*.

Hoping ya'll have a fabulous day too!

October 9, 2007

Sporty Manolos: Cute Or Not Cute?

I spotted these Manolo Blahnik Dark Denim Kiddies at Beni Boutique marked down to $299 (they were originally $690). So what do ya'll think? Cute, or not cute?

October 8, 2007

Packing To Move + My Birthday "Wishlist" Revealed!

We've been moving, which is why I've been M.I.A. for the last few days, and if any of you have moved before, then you know exactly what we're dealing with. Cleaning, separating stuff, packing, giving away stuff, throwing away stuff.. we still had unopened wedding gifts, and our wedding was back in 1995! It's been a LOT of work, and we're still not done, but enough about that, my birthday is this Friday (Oct. 12)! So the move will be temporarily interrupted.. at least for that special occasion. That being said, below is the birthday wishlist that I make a point to publish annually in an attempt to get the stuff I REALLY want for my birthday. This year I'm splitting it in half to accommodate my "champagne wishes & caviar dreams" list, and my "budget conscious, with a masters degree in finding cute items off the clearance rack" list. My 2008 birthday wishlist, parts 1 & 2 are below!

Champagne wishes...
1) The 2008 Range Rover Sport. Because I'm really a Jeep girl at heart! I currently drive the '06 Jeep Liberty, and I LOVE it. It's cute! And anybody who knows me, knows that I love all things cute. And the Jeep Liberty fits me like a glove. But the '08 Liberty is just not doing it for me. They're changing the body style, and to be quite honest... I'm not feeling it. So a shiny new luxury '08 Range Rover Sport (starting at only $58,500), you know, the one with the built-in beverage cooler (and I haven't decided which color yet...) would be a nice "next step" no?

2) A Christian Louboutin Shopping Spree! But I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want, is the fleshtone Very Prive peep toe platform with the cork toe in my size, 7.5 US ($640), which seems to be sold out everywhere. They're fabulous. So I'll settle for shopping for other Louboutin styles that are available.

3) A Pair of CHANEL Sunglasses. Filled with my prescription so that I can see and be stylish, lol!

4) An iPhone. Why not?

5) A mani/pedi/facial/massage. Because it's what a girl is supposed to do for herself on her birthday, right?

6) The HP Pavillion HDX Entertainment Notebook PC. With Intel Centrino Mobile Technology. You know, the one in the Jay-Z and the new Serena Williams commercials. Nice.

7) First class airfare to the Italian coast for my birthday dinner followed by dessert in the South of France. Yeah.

Budget Friendly...
1) An Old Navy gift card. Because they have some real nice items on clearance right now.

2) A Target gift card. I just purchased the cutest little Isaac Mizrahi Mary Jane heel there a couple weeks ago. I can ALWAYS find something cute in Target.

3) A Wal-Mart gift card. Because everything you think you need is probably in there.

4) A Walgreen's gift card. Because I've had a love affair with drug store makeup and magazine aisles for a long time now. And Walgreen's just happens to be my fave.

5) A Hancock Fabrics gift card. I make regular trips there about twice a week.

6) A Forever 21 gift card. Because who doesn't like cute gear at a cheap price?

7) A Starbucks gift card. Because Starbucks is delicious, liquid fuel.

There you have it! My 2008 birthday wishlist! Yay! Can't wait to see what I get! *sigh* Now, back off to finish packing...

October 3, 2007

And The Links Don't Stop...

Not only is my birthday in October (on the 12th), October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And you can help support Susan G. Komen for the cure by purchasing this classic C&C California tank ($48).

Trend Alert #1: The Grey T-Shirt. [B Glam]

New! The Christian Louboutin Manicure! Wow. [Blogdorf Goodman]

I'm loving the bright color trend for fall. [Brand Habit]

Diddy a DIVA? Noooo.. really?! [MSN]

Dry clean your clothes at home on the cheap. [Budget Fashionista]

Trend Alert #2: Tuxedo Shirts. [Fabsugar]

Umm.. this hairstyle is off. Way off. [Holy Candy]

Is $150 neon colored toilet paper (15 rolls) really necessary? [Hue Interiors]

Organic beauty products and mineral makeup at Whole Foods! Try the Fresh Face starter kit by Mineral Fusion for only $20 during the month of October. [Lipstick, Powder 'N Paint]

Why is the Vera Wang line at Kohl's already being marked down? [Pink Rock Candy]

How to spice up your fall grey. [Stylehive]

Hip review of a cool new online boutique - DJPremium.com. [The Fashion Bomb]

Fashion Mags vs. Fashion Blogs, who's beating who to the punch? [Musings of Ondo Lady]

Wildly creative (and some dangerous looking) footwear from the Milan runways. [The Shoe Blog]

October 2, 2007

Beautiful Nude Sandals...

Does anyone know who makes these nude sandals? I must know! SJP wore them on the set of the "Sex & The City" movie in Manhattan on October 1st, and they're FABULOUS! I'm going to seriously have to strain to focus on the plot of this film because between the fab clothes and shoes being showcased, my attention is going to be heavily split. But back to the nude shoe, or better yet, a nude heel can give off the illusion of a longer leaner leg. A nude heel, and it doesn't matter if you need a pale nude, a suntan bronze or a brown nude, these heels magically blend into your skin tone and elongate your leg, and I'm telling you, I must have a pair! It doesn't matter if it's a pump, a peep toe, or a fab sandal like SJP's, a pair of nude shoes (you could coordinate them with anything...) just seems like a staple that every woman should have in her closet.

I have no doubt that you guys can identify the designer of SJP's sandal because you've come through successfully twice before! Remember this dress, and this jacket? See what I mean? No doubt it can be done. Browse more "nudes" in some fabulously rich hues below:

Top row, l. to r.: Cynthia Rowley Trader, $183, Pelle Moda Xcite, $147 (my personal fave), Nine West Vidamarie, $78
Bottom row, l. to r.: Guiseppe Zanotti, $598, DKNY "Stacie", $198, Via Spiga "Rhob", $168.

October 1, 2007

The Little Black Book Of Style...

I was reading excerpts from Nina's book in the October issue of my Elle magazine, and she has some really good tips in there! Style tips that make sense will ALWAYS appeal to me. For example, I don't wanna hear nothing about not being able to wear white after Labor Day. Could we please get past that one? Pretty please?! Thanks. A few good tips from Nina's book below:

On The Little Black Dress: The ultimate blank canvas. It is mysterious and chic, understated and provocative. In its simplicity, it makes you look effortlessly stylish, In its sophisitication, it makes you look endlessly elegant. The little black dress is the dress that is going to let you shine-it will flatter you, but it will not detract from the rest of you. It lets your hair, your accessories, and your personality take center stage. And the slimming effect-let's not forget the the slimming effect.

On Denim: There is something about jeans that gives a girl an aura of instant style. They are simple and practical. Sexy and perfect. Rebellious and elegant. They are the most versatile, most perfect item. The most alluring part about denim is that it can dress anything down and make even the most uptight items look relaxed.

On Diamonds: You can't go wrong here. They are perfect for day or night, casual or dressy, winter or summer, with other jewels or not. Fake is fine.

On A Trench Coat: A classic trench can work in any kind of weather and goes well with almost anything (or almost nothing, if you are feeling very film noir). But the best part of the trench coat is that it makes you instantly mysterious. Wear it with big sunglasses if you want to really channel your inner detective, spy or fugitive.

On why Nina chose to pen this book.
Get "The Little Black Book of Style" at Barnes & Noble.

Whose birthday is in 12 days (Oct.12)? MINE! Yay! And Nina's book would be a great gift idea (for me..) no? Hold up. Chanel, are you seriously gonna pimp for birthday gifts on Hip Candy??? In a word?