January 4, 2008

Loeffler Randall Arrives At Target...

Loeffler Randall, The 2007 CFDA Swarovski Award Winner has made its way into the mainstream, introducing their new Go! International Accessory Line for Target. I wouldn't mind having the little Rosette Ballet Flats in black myself. Target is really on a roll with their Go lines.. it's great for the consumer and even greater for the designers who get introduced to a whole new audience of people who may not have known or heard about them before. It's win-win. Learn more about Loeffler Randall here and here, and browse and shop for the new Loeffler Randall accessories at Target.com.

Loeffler Randall Rosette Ballet Flats, $29.99, Loeffler Randall Woven Satchel, $49.99 and Loeffler Randall Chain Handle Clutch, $24.99 available at Target.

*Update* I went in to Target for something else and ended up trying on a couple pair of the Rosette Ballet Flats, and unless I got a hold to two very irregularly sized pair, the shoes run WAY small. I'm normally a size 7, but trying on the 7 felt like I was trying to stuff my foot into a 5 1/2. The size 8 wasn't much better. I didn't even try for the 9.


  1. I love Loafler Randall, but on my budget... I might just check out what Target has to offer.

  2. Loeffler Randall, lmao, I never get her name right.

  3. Some of my friends usually turn up their noses when I say I shop at Target for some of my wardrobe but I find it silly because Target features great designs by great designers (such as mentioned here) and not to forget past ones such as Stella McCartney, Alice McCall, etc.

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