January 8, 2008

Love Is Killing 'Em Softly...

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the premier of "27 Dresses" on January 7th. Chick looks fabulous. Why there was even this overweight scandal involving Love is beyond me. If I looked like this in that dress, you wouldn't be able to tell me nothing!

Take that, take that, take that!


  1. She looks nice in the dress but peach is not her color. So what she now has hips. Her shape is still nice. You can't be a toothpick forever. So Whatever...

  2. The peach does wash her out a little, but the silhouette of the dress is undeniable!

    Know what she could have done? Vamped up her makeup a bit. Smoked out her eyes and rocked a little bit stronger lip. And some nice, long, side-swept bangs. That could have balanced out the peach overload.

  3. *pulling up at the drive thru*
    "I'll take a small order of Jennifer's boobs and a side of hips please. Yes, that'll be all. Oh wait, can you add the fab shoes to that? Okay. Thanks."

    I hereby proclaim that curves are the new black!

    Do your thang Jenny. Girls like me want curves like yours.

  4. I agree on the color - not the best especially with her hair - but she looks amazing in the dress. Its great to see women who don't appear abnormally "fragile".

  5. I agree with pps. She looks great. I would love her tiny waist and curvy hips. That is an hourglass figure and men usually like it!