January 8, 2008

People's Choice/Golden Globes: Won't Be The Same.

Due to the ongoing writer's strike (I swear... they really just need to pay the writer's already! Extreme greed [studio owners!] is sooo not cute..) The People's Choice Awards, airing January 8th, along with the Golden Globes, airing January 13 will host very different formats. So if you were looking forward to elaborate red carpet shows.. you can pretty much forget about it...

While the Critics' Choice Awards were staged free of picketing writers, the Golden Globes and People's Choice have had to make adjustments because stars are reluctant to cross picket lines.

Both are switching to a newsier approach. (Traditional Globes show canceled). People's Choice scrapped its usual live show early on and promises a star-studded newsmagazine-style telecast tonight (CBS, 9 ET/PT).

Queen Latifah will lead viewers through segments shot by production teams. At Monday's Critics' Choice, she said she had finished taping her part Sunday. She doesn't interact directly with winners: "I'm wacky enough to make it work. I had to tap back into my hip-hop to freestyle it."

The crystal statuettes were taken to winners at locations including Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, London and the USO tour in Kabul. The show also will include clips from previous ceremonies.

Fans have logged more than 10 million votes.

Source: USA Today


  1. This is exactly why reality shows are going to dominate the market even more next season and become even more addicting...I wonder how much longer the networks will loose money and suffer their ratings before money starts being dished out. I know one thing, this fan is pissed, I wanted to see Queen do her thing live.

  2. Queen looks amazing in that picture. She takes GREAT photos.