January 11, 2008

Tyson Beckford is Clean.

Tyson Beckford making an appearance on The Today Show Thursday to promote his new show on Bravo, Make Me A Supermodel. He's looking good isn't he? All tailored and male-model-like. But you know those people in the background totally think he's Seal. Or LeBron James.



  1. I just don't see it
    I think because ladies think he is so FINE?HANDSOME?A MODEL
    that everything he wears is fly
    this aint fly... my grand-daddy wore that Sunday to church...

    Thats a Steve Harvey Suit plain and simple.

    aint shyt fly about it unless u a 40 year-old southern man... take it from me I know I'm a 23 year old southern guy

  2. u sayin that as a female... not as a fashionista !
    He looks like he going to trial