February 25, 2008

Bright White On Oscar's Red Carpet...

A few celebs opted to wear white to the 80th Annual Oscar Awards, and a few of them got it right. I particularly enjoyed Cameron's casual ponytail paired with her formal dress. That's not always the easiest to pull off. Keisha Whitaker looked stunning as well. She's always so elegant. And Renee looked great too, but does she ever wear anything other than Carolina Herrera? I didn't like the Cavalli dress on Jennifer Hudson, and Marion Cotillard's dress (she was the "Best Actress" winner) looked too much like fish scales. Didn't like it.

Cameron Diaz in Dior by John Galliano & Keisha Whitaker

Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli, Marion Cotillard in Jean Paul Gaultier, Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera


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  2. Question of the day: Why does Renee Zellweger always squint? It's like the sun is always beeming in her face or something... Gorgeous though.

    I liked J Hudson's dress- on her... though she's definitely done better in the past. And Marion's dress wasn't so bad from the waste up....the fish scales, as you said, sort of threw it off....it's a little "Mermaid Marion."... Corny, I know.

  3. I actually like Jennifer Hudson’s dress. It’s very fresh, especially paired with her simple hair and makeup. I don’t like Cotillard’s dress, not so much because of the “fish scales” below the waist, but because of the way that the pattern circles each breast. It reminds me of those old cartoon hypnosis ads. “Look into my breasts and be mesmerized,” is not an ideal fashion statement.