February 26, 2008

Fashion No No...

White pantyhose are NOT OK. Ever! Absolutely not. They're horrid. They make your legs look FAT. They're awful. Don't wear 'em! Period, the end.

Source: Glamour.com


  1. LOL! @ your "oh so subtle" suggestion for fashion advice.... Funny, but true, true...

    White tights are for cute little girls with patent leather mary janes and huge bows in their hair!- Not grown women with dollar general velcrow sandals!

  2. Too funny, but I completely agree! Unless you’re on your way to a theme party dressed as Baby Spice, white tights are never a good idea.

  3. I totally agree. White stockings should be banished from the earth!

  4. All the signs tell me that's a woman but something seems a bit off...I dunno. Yeah and white stockings should be burned at the stake.


  5. not only dollar general Velcro sandals but a dollar general skirt, aswell.

  6. Honestly, as a man who loves Women who wear hosiery, id have to admit that White (Tights/Pantyhose/Stockings)
    are probably my favorite (probably goes back to my adolescence). And I do understand that darker colors are slimming, but I feel like if you got a nice pair of legs, white hosiery with the right outfit... It don't get much better...