March 12, 2008

FashionWeek At Smashbox Studios: A Few Scenes..

Taken with my phone...

L.A. Fashion Week Tent with my "staff photographer" smack in the middle of the photo, lol!

The lineup for Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios

Mercedes Benz, Fashion Week's Sponsor

The Smashbox booth

Before the first show (Imasu by Kellynishimoto)

Debbie Allen's Dance Studio across the street from Smashbox Studios

More coverage to come (Alexis LaMontagna, Joseph Domingo, Lauren Conrad, The Green Initiative & Jenny Han) along with my personal thoughts on Fashion Week in L.A. Stay tuned!

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  1. okay, you must be having a ball...i keep checking everyday for updates! can't wait to see the cool pics.

    oh, and if you run into Idris Elba, tell him I meant to call him back, but I got tied up.