March 5, 2008

Fierce! Christian Wins Project Runway Season 4...

Christian Siriano was declared the winner of Project Runway Season 4. And in his words.. What? Did you even doubt? Lol! Christian didn't have the most wearable collection, but in my opinion, it was the most creative. Jillian's showcase was fun, feminine and very wearable, and Rami's work was excellently crafted with his drapes, folds and weaving, but Christian's pieces took lots of imagination which was exciting to see. And he's such a young talent! Congrats to him.


  1. They were all so talented. I had a feeling he'd win from the beginning. For someone so young, he's making his mark on the fashion world!

  2. Yay Christian! LOL. I was rooting for him from day one. I always loved Christian and all of his fierceness. Congrats to him and may he have a long, fulfilling career. And it was a good look that he caught Victoria Beckham's eye with his flair for fashion. *snaps for the kid* LOL. Great post.