April 24, 2008

A J. Lo Reality Show: Will You Watch?

Jennifer Lopez is about to open her personal life for a new television series on TLC, the cable company announced Wednesday.  The singer and new mom to twins will co-executive produce, co-create and star in the "docu-series" [read into that, heavily edited, and very NOT-real] which focuses on how Lopez juggles her career-including launching a new fragrance-with motherhood.

"I'm looking forward to sharing this exciting  journey together," said Lopez.

Why is she doing this?  It's not like she needs the money.  And another thing, for someone who was so against having cameras in her face after the whole "Bennifer" blowup, this whole thing is looking mighty suspect.  I'm with a lot of other bloggers who've said that what she's attempting to do is very similar to what Kimora is already doing with her "Life in the Fab Lane" series.  She says she's doing it to increase sales of her new fragrance, but this reeks of "look at me!" type television which sorta puts Jennifer on the same level as Denise Richards *shutter*


  1. I'll definitely watch it. I adore Kimora's show, so I know I'll be tuning into J-Lo's too.

  2. I'm nosy, so I'm probably going to watch... but I not regularly.

    You make a good point though...

  3. I know I'll watch it...didn't think I would be addicted to Kimora's show, but now I find myself DVR it