April 30, 2008

A "Juicy" Lawsuit...

Here we go again. According to the Daily News, Juicy Couture is now suing Victoria's Secret for putting their PINK logo on the backside of their sweatpants because Juicy Couture says that they did it first, it was their idea and nobody else can do it. Ok, I added some of that. But Juicy says about the Victoria's Secret brand that, "the similarities are inadvertent, and are designed to capitalize on the success of Juicy Couture".. of which [Juicy] happened to make $420 million in sales last year. Juicy Couture wants a judge to order that all the offending clothes be destroyed and they also want to be awarded triple damages.

My question is this. Can you protect where you put a logo on clothing? Because it seems to me that that would be extremely limiting. If someone puts a logo on a shoulder of a top, then no one else can put their logo on a shoulder of a top because someone else did it first? Are you serious? Plus, I don't see where the "Juicy" logo and the "PINK" logos are all that similar. Sure, they're going after the same target market (20-something, collegiates) but excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't that called competition? Isn't it capitalism at it's core? Look, I'm a fan of both brands, I've owned a pair of powder blue Juicy sweats (I've since sold them online for a nice profit on Ebay..) and I still own all of my PINK sweats (perfect for all your downtime lounging). I don't know how much money Victoria's Secret made last year, but I just have a bit of a problem with a company [Juicy] that made close to half a BILLION dollars last year crying foul over someone giving them a bit of competition. But that's just what I think, if anyone has a different insight or opinion on all of this, I'd love to hear another perspective.


  1. Juicy needs to get over themselves...i do no see people with juicy on their asses anymore and the company is just green with envy.

    destroy offending clothes? they are having a hissy-fit arent they?

  2. Uh, maybe I missed something, but where does JC get the idea that they "invented" putting words on the bootay?

    If anybody should be suing for damages, it's Abraham and nem at the flea market on Florida Blvd. They've been selling this kinda stuff for years, and they'll put whatever you want on the back.