April 30, 2008

Say What???

Hip Candy is not a gossip site.  That being said, I simply could not stay away from the subject of Mariah Carey's and Nick Cannon's alleged ENGAGEMENT.  Both Us Weekly and Access Hollywood are saying that it's true.  All of this is still real suspect to me though.  But if they are indeed getting married, I hope Mariah has enough restraint to not put on an overly tacky event, complete with her wearing a skin tight pink mini wedding dress and veil, with a matching feather boa, then finishing the ceremony off with gold and platinum glitter falling from the ceiling as exotic butterflies are ceremonially released to fly over guests immediately following the nuptials.  Oh, and don't forget the set of unicorns that will pull the couples glass, platinum, and gold air-conditioned Cinderella carriage to the reception where Mariah will be headlining for guests with a full on choir and symphony orchestra backing her up.  
You know she would.

Latina Magazine is reporting that Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon actually got married yesterday on an "island" and said that it was very "impulsive" and attended by a "few close friends of the couple"...  Who is seriously believing any of this? 

*Update on the previous update*
A family member of Nick Cannon is now confirming a wedding.

*Hopefully, this is the last update*
All signs point to them getting hitched, and Nick says he's in love, so you know what, I truly hope they're happy.  For real.


  1. "...a skin tight pink mini wedding dress and veil"

    Get out of my head!!! She is so tacky that anything she's involved in can't help but look like a H.A.M.

  2. I am sure she will be getting married in a low cute, short hemmed, spandex number. Her veil will probably be bedazzled like the shades she always rocks.

    but hey, Nick makes her happy, I say go for it...I think I need to snag me a younger man myself.

  3. I hope that they are happy too.. I don't understand the whole thing. I don't think that Nick is all that cute, but he could do so much better than Ancient Mariah. Maybe we can get some better music from her this time around.

  4. Your description of Mariah's fantasy wedding has me rolling! HILARIOUS!