May 12, 2008

Big Trouble With A Prom Dress...

Marche Taylor (left) was denied access to her Senior Prom in Houston, TX because school officials said her dress was inappropriate.  
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Your thoughts?


  1. At one of the prom's I went to, some of my fellow cheerleaders dressed very similar to Marche Taylor, apparently they made their own dresses, and they were super revealing but still got into prom, shook their stuff, and God knows what else. I'm not saying Marche's dress isn't extremely revealing and sort of inappropriate in any situation, but I do agree that if they weren't going to let her in they should have given her money back.

  2. They shouldn't have let her in. That is in no way a formal dress. I understand she wanted her money back, but she should have made a formal complaint to the school instead of exacerbating the situation by getting rowdy about it. These young girls need today need some guidance. Shame on her parents for letting her walk out of the house in something so trashy. I blame BET. She looks like she's going to a Bust it Baby try out.

  3. Are we really sure she is a she?

    That dress is ugly and does nothing to make her look appealing

  4. I don't think she should have gotten her money back. She CHOSE to show up looking like she took her mama's good table runner and wrapped it around herself. If someone got sick, or had an emergency or something, I can definitely see giving the money back, but when you blatantly violate the requirements for entering...they don't owe her squat.

    The more troubling question for me is what's going on with teenaged girls if they think that is appropriate, classy, or sexy?

    *exasperated* I agree with anonymous...turn off BET.

  5. It doesn't even cover all of her cleavage! What the hell was she thinking? What the hell were her parents thinking? Even a bra covers more.

    No way she should have been allowed to prom. But I do think thus she should have gotten her money back.

    I hope she learned a valuable lesson from this and doesn't go around dressing like that in public. Sheesh.