May 14, 2008

Janet Is Dramatic.

She's plenty dramatic with this get-up on, even though she kinda-sorta pulls it off.  Heavy emphasis on "kinda-sorta".  Ok, so I really just put her on this page because what she's wearing matches the Hip Candy color scheme nicely. Well!  Look at my header and then look at her dress.  It flows It's perfectly coordinated.  Janet Jackson wore this Alexander McQueen dress when she attended Alexander McQueen's Los Angeles Flagship Store Launch Party on May 13, 2008.  But this dress would have been an even better choice for the Met's NYC Costume Institute Gala where the theme of the night was "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy".  Major missed opportunity Janet!  You really should have called me.


  1. I actually like it. I don't understand what's going on with the breast part though. Is she plotting another "wardrobe malfunction"?

  2. Ok... this right here almost made me fall outta my chair laughing.

    It looks like she went into a ridiculously cheesey store w/some friends and came out of the dressing room in the worst get-up she could find and said.... "TAA-DAAAAAHHH!"

    LOL...she can't be serious. But I think she