May 16, 2008

Marriage Is Making Her Dress Better...

And by "better", I mean less trashy.  Mariah hasn't reached "full on fabulousity" yet, but doggonit, chick is getting real close! Good job Mrs. Cannon.

Mariah attended the 5th Annual Operation Smile Gala on 5/15/08 in NYC where her new husband, Nick Cannon was DJing.


  1. Maybe Nick is putting his foot down like Tommy Mottola did. Remember when she married him all she wore was black?

    This 'alleged' marriage will be interesting...

  2. ohh i must be really behind in Mariah news.. I had no idea they actually got married. I thought it was just another fling.. Newho.. Hate to say it, but She looks just as trashy as before.. can't quite put my finger on why though.