June 17, 2008

Barack & Michelle on the Cover of US Weekly...

They look good, don't they?  US Weekly is gonna post an excerpt of the Obamas' love story online on Wednesday June 18, but you'll have to pick up a copy of the magazine, which hits newstands nationwide on Friday, June 20 to get the full story.  [Magazine will be available in L.A. and NYC on Wednesday]  Also look for Michelle Obama to co-host "The View" on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 10AM CST on ABC.

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  1. They look so nice there! I wonder if they will put McCain and the barbie doll on the cover...I'm sure their sales of that issue would plummet LOL!

  2. Is it wrong that her hair is keeping me from being impressed by this. Something needs to be done, I'm just not sure what. Maybe she should just give up trying to have politician's wife hair, and wear it like normal women wear their hair...

  3. What a darling couple.