June 2, 2008

CFDA Awards: Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker was an attendee at the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards at the New York Public Library on June 2, 2008 in New York.  And is it me, or is her new cleavage a bit much (WTH is that? A push-up bra?) Because honestly, if all that new cleavage was up any higher, it would be choking the life out of her.


  1. Not feelin' the balloon boobs...the dress is a little Mariah-esque, but the shoes are FANTABULOUS!!!

  2. She always misses the mark for me... And what is with her lips? Her makeup?

    Why would anyone CHOOSE to look like that?

  3. haha she's pregnant! her boobs are getting bigger..her face is not as small at it was and the makeup is ok but too much for me:S