June 17, 2008

Fill in the Blank...

Actor Terry Crews is ready for the runway! Terry is displaying nothing but class and elegance in this salmon colored suit tailored just for him. Don't hate.

Actor Terry Crews is _____________.  You fill it in!

Terry Crews attended the premiere of "Get Smart" with his wife (in the white) on June 16, 2008 in Los Angeles.


  1. ...trying to be less intimidating by dressing in foofy colours.

  2. ...still has a delicious body underneath this cotton candy crazy suit.

  3. lol @ less intimindating....there is something sexy about him but i woulda done wit out the vest...he woulda made me melt yum!

  4. gay as hell!!! LOL im jus kidding but it WAS the first thing that came to mind

    i actually like it but could have done without the vest as well