June 20, 2008

Michelle Obama's Dress From "The View"...

Michelle Obama is really making a name for herself in the style department.  Women are already clamoring to get their hands on the dress she wore when she co-hosted "The View" on 6/18/08 which is currently SOLD OUT in stores. The dress will be available again in August:

Like Jacqueline Kennedy a generation ago, Michelle Obama is causing a fashion sensation even before the election.

But this time it’s a metaphorical fashion statement made by her choice of a $148 black and white print dress carrying a label called White House/Black Market to wear on the popular TV show, “The View.”

The search is on among would-be fashionistas as well as savvy statement-makers for the sleeveless black and white tank dress that Michelle Obama wore onABC’s “The View” this week. Purchased from a retailer called “White House/Black Market,” the very affordable $148 dress has unleashed a mad scramble on both the store and the website of Donna Ricco, the NYC-based designer of the dress. According to The New York Daily News, thousands of orders for the frock have poured into both.

The White House/Black Market website this morning features what they’re calling their “Road to the White House” dress on their homepage. One hundred percent cotton, wash ‘n wear. Sold out, but available in mid-August.

Yes, we know Michelle Obama is a full-fledged, Harvard-educated Woman of Substance. But now we also know she can use fashion in a way that disarms, makes subtle statements and even shows off upper arms to die for.

White House/Black Market? It just says it all. 

Source: WowWowWow.com


  1. My friend wrote this in the Wall Street Journal:

  2. Loehmann's wins the White House with the Obama Dress!
    They might be sold out at Donna Ricco. They might be running low at White House/ Black Market. The "Obama Dress" is hitting the floors right now at Loehmann's discount designer store..and you'll never guess the price!!
    Check out the Loehmann's blog for details!