June 25, 2008

Spotted Out: Ciara & Toni Braxton...

Ciara looking fabulous in a fitted gray dress in Beverly Hills on 6/24/08.  I wish I could see the front of it!  But I love the sophisticated off the shoulder look on her.

It's good to see Toni out and about, also on 6/24/08, even if she is looking a bit thin.  I'm just glad she's doing better.


  1. Toni looks fit. I'm a petite lady, and I abhor being called too thin when I'm healthy. She's barely five feet tall. She's not supposed to have rolls.

  2. @anonymous,
    "a bit thin" vs. "too thin". Not to be too harsh, but I said the 1st one and there's a difference.

    But thanks so much for reading Hip Candy nonetheless! I seriously appreciate everyone who stops by...

  3. She looks good. Not everyone can have curves like Beyonce lol, especially since she is only 5'2. She has gained weight since her secrets days though because back then she was too thin lol. I wish her the best, heart disease is no joke.

  4. Toni's stans don't play that...lol!

  5. How does Toni Braxton manage to keep getting more beautiful? She is such a stunner.

  6. i love the way Ciara looks here and i love toni's herve leger dress