June 1, 2008

Style Verdict: J. Hud's MTV Movie Awards Look...

Like it?  Hate it?  Don't care?  I wanna know your style verdict.

Click here to see a few more pics from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.


  1. My eyes hurt!!! all i see is boobsss!!! LOl

  2. Agreed - but she looks great in the movie. Here is a link to a page for fans with tips for a SATC Pre- Movie Party it includes the best recipe in NYC for a Cosmo, a link to SATC fashion and links to trailers and lots more! Check it out.


  3. I love her haircut and the white dress/red belt combo, but the eye makeup and the over-exposed bra is just too much.

  4. I kinda like it. This is one of the few times I've seen her looking youthful and vibrant. Good colors on her. Cute haircut too.

    I'm not into unnecessary cleavage though. That's a strike against the whole look for me.

  5. Don't care kinda sums it up for me...no matter what they dress this child in, she never looks quite right.

  6. I'm not really THAT mad at her for this.... I've seen much worse. The cleavage is too much yes... particularly when she bends over and blows her kisses (as she always does), but when you stand back and look...it's kinda cute. I like the colors... and the shoes. She could change the outfit to please whomever, but that hair and makeup has got to STAY. That's the best part!

    She was very "on point" IMO when she was first hitting the "Big Screen", in terms of her fashion. Except for that one cropped metallic thing she wore to some awards show... blegh.

  7. I like it...people stare at ur boobs whether totally hidden and they are gonna stare when they are out....i feel her pain lol...cute outfit so what if they are out if lauren condrad could wear plunging necklines how about we support this sister's shape...jennifer hudson has curves and i have curves so despite what we put on someone is gonna have a problem with it...and im not about to hate myself!